Standing the Test of Time – AFDI 18-point Platform – Items 7-12

Back in April 2013, the American Freedom Defense Initiative produced an 18-point platform designed to provide an effective means of countering the global jihad. It was designed primarily from an American perspective, but could easily be adapted for any Western country under the threat of Islam. It’s worth re-visiting the platform (after four years and eight months) to see whether those means still have merit. We leave it to the reader to decide whether conditions might have improved if Western governments had heeded the advice which, for the most part, has not been the case.

This article focuses on Items 7-12. The previous article, concerning Items 1-6 is here, and another article concerning Items 13-18 will follow shortly.

7) — AFDI denounces the use of Sharia law in any Western court or nation.

Back in 2003, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) denounced Sharia as being completely incompatible with democracy and human rights. This did not stop Sharia courts springing up in every Western country – over 85 in England alone. What is lacking is the political will to shut down every Sharia court in the land with threats of huge fines, imprisonment, and deportation proceedings for anyone involved. As far as that is concerned, our political elites continue to exhibit the apathy and spinelessness of particularly disinterested jellyfish who have decided that it is too hard to get out of bed in the morning.

8) — AFDI advocates deportation hearings against non-citizens who promote jihad in our nations.

This should have been a “no-brainer” when it comes to the safety and security of our citizens – something our political elites should have been considering as their highest priority instead of pandering to Muslims and falling over themselves trying not to be seen as “racist” or “Islamophobic”.  What we now see are futile attempts to “de-radicalise” returning jihadis – as if they are ever likely to integrate, assimilate and become good citizens – by showering them with money, housing and welfare benefits that are not and would never be available to law-abiding citizens of our countries.

9) — AFDI calls for an immediate halt of immigration by Muslims into nations that do not currently have a Muslim majority population.

One again, Donald Trump seems to be the only Western leader prepared to take the first steps towards a complete ban of such a nature (apart from the leaders of the “Visigrad Four” (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic), even though most other Western countries are suffering unprecedented levels of terrorism carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam. The choice is clear – we cannot differentiate between Muslims who are peaceful and those who would wage war on us, so the logical thing to do is to exclude all those who subscribe in any way, shape or form to the political ideology of Islam -the most evil, murderous, totalitarian and genocidal ideology ever devised by mankind.

10) — AFDI calls for laws providing that anyone seeking citizenship in the United States should be asked if he or she supports Sharia law, and investigated for ties to pro-Sharia groups. If so, citizenship should not be granted.

This suggestion has been developed by the authors of “The Declaration of Peaceful Intent” which basically asks Muslims to disavow those elements of the Koran and Sunna which call for violence against non-Muslims. Ultimately, citizenship should be seen as a privilege, and one that can be withdrawn not only from individuals but also their extended family if any support is shown for Sharia (or for that matter, Jihad, Dhimmitude and Al-Walaa-wal-Baraa as discussed in the previous article).

11) — AFDI calls for the cancellation of citizenship or permanent residency status for anyone who leaves the country of his residence to travel for the purpose of engaging in jihad activity, and for the refusal of re-entry into his country of residence after that jihad activity.

We are starting to see calls from ministers in the UK Government for stronger action against those who leave the country for the purposes of engaging in jihad activity, including the refusal of re-entry, but this is a long way from becoming official Government policy (with the backing of appropriate legislation) in most Western countries. Still, the problem is going to get much, much worse as the percentage population of Muslims in Western countries increases exponentially, and we either act on the AFDI recommendations or eventually have our peaceful civilisation destroyed.

12) — AFDI calls careful investigation of Muslims resident in non-Muslim country who have obtained naturalized citizenship or permanent residency status, to ensure that that status was not obtained under false

Of course, during the intervening four years and eight months, we have all learnt that Muslims invariably tell the truth, and that obtaining any material advantage under false pretences would be anathema to any devout Muslim. I myself have been informed in a court of law that Taqiyya was only used a thousand years ago by Muslims seeking to defend themselves, and that it has no relevance to Muslims in Western countries today. So that’s all right then.

An article concerning Items 13-18 will follow shortly. Discussion on Items 1-6 can be found here.

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