A Better Strategy for Helping “Refugees”

It has been said by many that importing vast numbers of predominantly Muslim “refugees” from North Africa and the Middle East without a proper system of vetting in recent years is a recipe for disaster.

However, our political elites have gone out of their way to demonise those who have called for a better strategy. Such a strategy, if it could be devised and implemented without the interference of our virtue-signalling political elites with axes to grind, would maximise the help and support available to the estimated 20 per cent of genuine refugees without exposing the host countries to the societal dangers posed by the other 80 per cent – the vast majority of whom are economic migrants who are not in danger to the slightest degree, and who are indifferent to the pain, misery and suffering that they inflict on our unsuspecting native populations while at the same time milking our disproportionately generous welfare benefits system and contributing to a massive rise in criminality, particularly criminality of an extremely violent and sexual nature.

The powerful video “Poverty, Immigration and Gumballs” demonstrates that taking in up to 1 million refugees per year from the third world would severely compromise the societal infrastructure of any given host country while making no impression whatsoever in terms of alleviating the poverty of the third world, whose population relentlessly increases by approximately 80 million every year.

Now an Oxford professor has calculated that every dollar / pound / euro spent on transplanting a “refugee” to a Western country could be spent 135 times more effectively by helping such people in their countries of origin or in the immediate locality. With this in mind, surely it is time to end the suicidal policies of permitting unvetted immigration to Western countries and perhaps encourage genuine refugees to stay closer to home.

Here is an example of what can be done with a little flair and imagination.

Tim Burton

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