Not Every Muslim is an Inbred Welfare Parasite


In recent times, I have been taken to task for suggesting that there is a high correlation between inbreeding, welfare parasitism and Muslim immigrants to Western nations. And to be fair, I  acknowledge that just because a particular Muslim may be a product of a policy of unrestricted inbreeding, that does not automatically make them a welfare parasite, or vice versa.

However, inbreeding is a contentious issue when it comes to Muslims. Personally I blame it all on Allah, who apparently thought that first cousin marriage was absolutely hunky dory. Hey Allah – yes, you, buddy – how come you didn’t predict the DNA research of Watson and Crick? And I don’t want to hear about how all that omnipotence leads to administrative errors.

When it comes to welfare parasitism – here is a perfect example of what happens when you allow Muslims to abuse our public services in the UK. How many times do we have to say it – you should never, ever, trust a follower of an ideology that promotes deceit as a primary virtue. And of course, it’s not just in the UK that we have this problem.

Some might say that it is our own fault for having such a generous welfare system, and then allowing an unrestricted number of immigrants from Muslim countries to access it. I have a radical solution – which is to have either  a generous welfare system, or open borders, but not both. A country without a generous welfare system will be unattractive to most Muslim migrants, whether or not it has open borders. Simples.

Tim Burton

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