Is the incitement to violence inherent within Islam a breach of UK criminal law?

       More goats than teeth

One of my previous articles explored the relationship between the ideology of Islam and the law as it currently stands in the UK. Specifically, the article questioned whether Islam should be considered as a religion at all, given that it has essential characteristics that explicitly contravene Article 9 of the European Convention of Human Rights in terms of a) being unworthy of respect in a democratic society, b) being incompatible with human dignity and c)  conflicting with the fundamental rights of others.”

It is also becoming apparent that not only should Islam have its religious privileges rescinded in the UK, but that active measures should be taken to reclassify it as a criminal enterprise and / or a criminal cult. If anyone is in any doubt about this, I refer them to this excellent essay from Michael Copeland at the Gates of Vienna, where he demonstrates that the muddled thinking employed by our political elites concerning “radicalisation” overlooks the fact that more than half of the primary texts of Islam are concerned not with teaching Muslims about goodness, beauty and spirituality, but rather with instructing Muslims on how to treat the Kufaar, or non-believers, which is with, it must be said, a certain degree of ruthlessness.

A comment on the Gates of Vienna article by “Bob Smith” demonstrates that there are already laws on the statute books in some countries to deal with large-scale criminal enterprises – all that is needed is the political will to apply those laws when it comes to Islam, and to drop the pretense that it is somehow worthy of being called a religion.

Bob Smith says:

“We already have criminal enterprise statutes. Islam is a (cult) criminal enterprise.

American RICO statutes (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) were intended to go after the mafia. The acts of Islamic mullahs and jihadis clearly falls into the same pattern as the mafia. The only difference being, Islam’s claim of an oddball form of “religious legitimacy”.

The US should use the RICO statutes to, declare Islam, a criminal enterprise. Then close Islam down as it presently exists in the US.

RICO allows the government to follow crime and money. Then, arrest all, and confiscate anything in its path.

You can be sure the movement of money for jihad is widespread. You can be sure the incitement and communication between mullahs and mosques is wide spread. You can also be sure there is foreign involvement. The RICO statutes were made just for this type of activity.

Use a small army of CPAs and attorneys to investigate every jihad attack. Follow 100% of the money back to its source. Track anyone involved, in any way. Then use the RICO statutes to jail, confiscated, and shut down all involved. That includes:

M1 – Shutting down mosques involved in any jihad attack.
M2 – Arrest mullahs involved.
M3 – Follow, and confiscate, all jihad money back to its source.

Read it all at:”

Given the amount of social upheaval that Islam is causing throughout the Western world, a re-classification of the status of Islam as a criminal enterprise and / or a criminal cult would solve a lot of our problems. As always, it is the inertia and cowardice of our political elites that must be challenged and overcome before we can move forward., and for that to happen, we must bring much more pressure to bear than we have done so far.

Tim Burton (with acknowledgements to Michael Copeland)

The Land of the Naive Fools – Netherlands first, England next?

   What, me, guv’ner?

Back in 1992, a Pakistani immigrant to the Netherlands using the pen-name of Mohammed Rasoel wrote a book in which he held the Dutch in contempt for allowing mass Islamic immigration to their small country, and boasted that if the trend were to continue then Islam would eventually take over. The book was called “The Downfall of the Netherlands – The Land of the Naive Fools”.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

“The story of the Dutch is simply the story of a people who lived so long in a neatly arranged society, and developed its kindness so far that it not only forgot what a mess looks like, but never developed the intelligence to keep itself clean: the Dutch don’t see the mess around them and hence do not see a good reason to protect themselves against it.”

Even though more than 25 years has elapsed, we can see that the problems have not only increased in the Netherlands, with its no-go areas, Muslim riots and car-burnings, and an explosion of Islamic violence and anti-social behaviour such as sexual assault and rape directed against the indigenous Dutch people – but that exactly the same pattern has developed in every other European country that has been foolish enough to allow mass Islamic immigration.

The scale and severity of the problems are in direct proportion to the numbers of Muslim migrants in those countries – and so, France (8.8 per cent Muslim) is on the verge of a civil war, while Sweden (7.1 per cent Muslim), Germany (6.1 per cent Muslim), and even the United Kingdom (6.3 per cent Muslim) according to a recent Pew survey are facing rapidly escalating societal violence and a corresponding decrease in the quality of life for the indigenous populations.

We should not be surprised, of course – the book “Slavery, Terrorism and Islam“, written in 2009 by Dr Peter Hammond, explained exactly how the scale of problems caused by Islamic immigration increases as a percentage of the population. Our political elites have literally had decades of warnings and have chosen not only to ignore them, but to “shoot the messenger” – fining and jailing anyone who dares to protest in public or on social media.

The epithet “Land of Naive Fools” could equally be applied to any European country in 2018 – most people simply do not recognise the scale of the problem, or even that there is a problem at all. It is a scandal that the task of awakening the non-Muslim populations is left to a handful of concerned patriots and activists who are scorned at every turn as “racist”, “bigoted”, “far-right” and “Islamophobic” at every opportunity by not only the malevolent weasels on the Left but also those malevolent weasels in power who have been charged with the protection of the indigenous population.

Let us remind ourselves that these malevolent weasels are only in power for as long as “we the people” allow it, and if they continue to ignore their obligations and responsibilities as part of the “societal contract” whereby we pay taxes in exchange for law and order, and in exchange for safety and security while we go about our lawful business, then there will come a point where if we cannot resolve these problems at the ballot box, we will have to resort to other means, whether it be widespread and organised protests, an orchestrated program of civil disobedience or what the Left euphemistically calls Direct Action.

The book – “Downfall of the Netherlands – The Land of Naive Fools” can be downloaded in PDF form here or here.

Tim Burton

Sargon of Akkad describes what happens when socialism is faithfully implemented. Don’t let it happen here.

     Sargon of Akkad

This post isn’t anything to do with Islam specifically, but every now and again one comes across a video that perfectly sums up what we are up against, with the forces of evil on the Left trying to destroy everything we hold dear. My previous post on Pat Condell was one such video. This is another video, from Sargon of Akkad.

It demonstrates what happens when socialism is faithfully implemented, in this case in Venezuela, which was a thriving, oil-rich country until Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicholas Maduro turned it into a basket case with their malevolent vision of socialist utopia.

It is important because most young people in this country today have absolutely no idea of the catastrophe that would befall us if a socialist government led by Jeremy Corbyn were to take charge. History has taught us that it takes less than a generation to destroy a country if there is no effective opposition to the process.

As George Santanyana and others have said – “Those who cannot remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.”

You will note that I have replaced the YouTube domain of the Sargon of Akkad video with a new domain called Hook Tube, which is designed to mitigate the effects of social media censorship by transferring the video to an independent domain.

Try it yourselves with any controversial video that you think may be in danger of being removed from YouTube – given the increasingly totalitarian environment in which we now find ourselves.

And please watch this video – it is most certainly worth forty minutes of your time.

Tim Burton (with acknowledgements to Gareth Roberts)

Pat Condell hits the nail on the head again – Progressive Utopia

      Pat Condell gets it

Every now and again one comes across a video that perfectly sums up what we are up against. This is one such video, from Pat Condell. You will note that I have replaced the YouTube domain with a new domain called HookTube, which is designed to mitigate the effects of social media censorship by transferring the video to an independent domain.

Try it yourselves with any controversial video that you think may be in danger of being removed from YouTube – given the increasingly totalitarian environment in which we now find ourselves.

And please watch this video – it is most certainly worth four minutes of your time.

Here is the transcription of the video (in English):

Pat Condell’s words in italics:

If you’re wondering why the society you’ve lived in all your life feels as if it’s being pulled from under you like a rug, it’s because while you weren’t paying attention, your wholesome values were quietly reclassified as ugly prejudices and now you are the problem.

You believe in free speech? No, you believe in hate speech, and now you’re a criminal. You like democratic sovereignty, then you’re a xenophobe and a fascist, no platform for you. You want a secular society, you Islamophobic racist? You’re spreading hate, and you’d better be using the right pronoun too, if you don’t want to be excluded for the sake of inclusion.

In short, there’s no place for your kind in the bright new tomorrow we’re building. Now that the minds of an entire generation have been thoroughly rinsed through a progressive education that hates Western culture and everything it stands for, and everything that you hold dear, there’s been a climate change that you didn’t see coming.

The climate has changed against you and your privilege, and without wishing to put too fine a point on it, your presence is no longer required.

The best way to destroy the foundations of a society is to teach its young people not to respect them, and a whole generation has been successfully taught not to value free speech, the very cornerstone of our civilisation, but to hold it in contempt, to fear it, to run from it, to seek refuge from ideas in emotional safe spaces, and to believe that hurting somebody’s feelings is a form of assault on a par with cracking their skull.

This tyranny of feelings has been carefully nurtured, to breed this infantile generation of emotional casualties, victims and cry-babies, this generation of moral and political halfwits, who can’t wit to sign the next petition to shut somebody up or shut somebody down, never thinking for a moment that it could ever happen to them, a generation so placidly happy to saw off the branch they’re sitting on, it’s almost as if they’ve been programmed in some way.

So if you think you’ve got the truth on your side, you don’t know what you’re up against. The truth is incorrect and therefore inadmissible. If you think you’ve got the law on your side, forget it – the law protects feelings now, but not your feelings.

Your feelings are hate.

Well, what about your rights of free expression under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, you ask, optimistically? Nice try, but we both know that in the real world human rights don’t apply to the wrong opinions. Are you crazy? You need to understand that when breeding the perfect captive society of self-policing petty censors, you can’t afford to let somebody just come along and undermine it with a rational argument.

So feelings outrank rational argument now, you probably noticed that when you were banned from social media, and rational argument when it hurts somebody’s feelings is – you’ve guessed it – hate.

You see, progressive moral righteousness can make up these rules as it goes along, because it’s got itself on its side, so really you can’t win. They won’t even listen to your arguments as they beat you down with their phony buzz-words. It’s not about arguments or ideas anymore – that debate is illegitimate. It’s about you being a racist monster, causing division and spreading hate, and it’s about dangerous, fascist throwbacks like you, being aggressively purged from our society like a cancer.

Just so you know what you’re dealing with here. Welcome to Progressive Utopia.

Tim Burton (with acknowledgements to Gareth Roberts for introducing me to HookTube)

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In order to prevent “radicalisation” in the UK, has the time come to take every single Muslim child into care?

   Top cop gets it (almost)

Almost four years ago, in March 2014, in his position as London Mayor, Boris Johnson suggested that children in danger of radicalisation should be removed from their parents. He was castigated at the time by the Muslim Council of Britain, who warned that his remarks would inflame anti-Muslim feeling (like pretty much everything else does.)

He said (and I quote):

“The law should obviously treat radicalisation as a form of child abuse.”

“It is the strong view of many of those involved in counter-terrorism that there should be a clearer legal position, so that those children who are being turned into potential killers or suicide bombers can be removed into care – for their own safety and for the safety of the public.”

Now a senior police officer, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, has suggested virtually the same thing – that children of convicted terrorists should be removed from their parents, in the same way that the children of convicted paedophiles should be removed from their parents.

and also crucially added this statement:

….. If you know parents [who] believe that people of their faith or their belief, should hate everybody else and grow up to kill people, [then] for me those things are equally wicked environments to expose children to.

To be fair to both Boris Johnson and Mark Rowley, it should go without saying that the laudable goal of protecting children should be paramount in every case where there is a risk of them being exposed to a “wicked environment.” However, the logical consequences on following through on such a policy would have ramifications that have almost certainly not been considered by either official in their safeguarding capacity.

You can’t get much more of a “wicked environment” where innocent children are exposed to the core Islamic concept of Al-Walaa wal-Baraa.

This concept, based as it is on on Koran 60:4, instructs all devout Muslims – without exception – that they must have hatred and enmity for everyone and everything non-Muslim. This is not something that a Muslim may “cherry-pick” – it is mainstream Islamic teaching, red in tooth and claw. I challenge anyone reading this article to find a clearer example of a “wicked environment” in which to bring up children.

There is therefore a good argument to be made for a pro-active intervention in almost every case where an innocent child is in danger of being taught just this one core Islamic concept before they are old enough to question it and weigh up the consequences for themselves, and certainly a policy of pro-active intervention should apply if they are British citizens.

Admittedly this policy would put a strain on the capabilities of the police and the social services, and there would be a few grumblings from the Muslim community that would undoubtedly have to be handled in a robust manner, but as they say, no pain no gain. It would have to be worth a try considering that the alternative will almost certainly be civil war and blood on the streets within a generation or two as the Muslim demographic in this country reaches a tipping point. We owe it to our own children, as well as the innocent children currently in the care of Muslim parents, to act now.

Perhaps those officials and others sharing the same misguided mindset of political correctness, multiculturalism and diversity might also reflect that almost every other counter-terrorism policy in this country has proved to be a complete failure, a situation which could and should have been foreseen, as those policies have been based on fantasy and wishful thinking rather than reality.

Don’t take my word for it – I strongly recommend that every non-Muslim should read, comprehend and inwardly digest (as my teachers used to say) every word in The Aqeedah of the Salaf.

We in the enlightened Western world base most of our moral and ethical judgements on Judaeo-Christian teachings, which have served us well over the past two millennia, and which are one hundred and eighty degrees opposed to most of the moral and ethical values of the Islamic world. Any form of child abuse is just plain wrong, and teaching the core concepts of Islam to innocent children before they are old enough to make up their own minds is child abuse beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Tim Burton

Hate Crime and the Death of Freedom of Speech in the UK

  This is Hate Crime

I yield to no one in my burning passion for Freedom of Speech. It is every Englishman’s birthright and the cornerstone of every civilised democracy in the Western world. One would have thought that it would be universally recognised as such and enshrined in law for all to benefit in perpetuity.

Unfortunately, many of the great and the good in this country, as in much of Western Europe, have other ideas. For them, Freedom of Speech in the UK is an annoying concept that prevents them from enforcing on us totalitarian concepts such as globalism, Islamic supremacism and the destruction of our much-loved and revered nation states.

One of the most compelling series of videos that I have come across recently that deals with some of the more ominous developments concerning our Freedom of Speech, comes from a gentleman by the name of Mike Lane. He details some of the machinations that go on behind the scenes, that if allowed to proceed unrestricted, unchecked and unchallenged, will result in the elimination of all the freedoms that we currently take for granted.

Mike Lane has a very down-to-earth style and lays out his concerns in a way that everyone can understand and identify with. He doesn’t propose a “magic bullet” solution to instantly solve the problem, merely to make everyone of goodwill (that is to say, non-Lefties and non-Muslims) aware of what is really going on.

The bottom line is that in the name of combating so-called Hate Crime, Freedom of Speech is being increasingly looked on as unavoidable collateral damage. Nobody in authority is stopping to think that the drive to criminalise the speech – and the thoughts – of ordinary men and women in this country will usher in an era of totalitarianism far, far worse that George Orwell ever envisioned in his novel 1984. Or maybe that is exactly what they do think, and that’s the problem.

(Personally, if it were down to me, I’d be calling for torches, pitchforks and tumbrils to escort every single politician and virtue-signalling do-gooder to the guillotine forthwith, (with perhaps the honourable exception of Paul Weston) but since guillotines have been declared a health and safety hazard by European Union directive FR-1792, I might have to content myself with sawing off Tony Blair’s head with a rusty bread-knife.)

Anyway, here are the three most recent videos from Mike Lane – they are well worth watching for his ability to transform and expose dry-as-dust concepts like the Home Affairs Select Committee into the ravenous monsters they really are. It really is well worth an hour or so of your time.              Part 1        Part 2          Part 3

As H.L. Mencken once said -“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

Tim Burton – with acknowledgements to Mike Lane (and Paul Rimmer)

Update – 24 February – Surprise, surprise, the videos have been taken down from YouTube. Given the time and trouble to produce an hour’s worth of professional presentation and content, I doubt that Mike Lane did this of his own accord. I will be investigating the reasons behind the removal of these videos and will report back as soon as I can.

The Chrislam Deception and The Growing Darkness, by Danielle T’arna

     Not a good idea

Very few Christians have heard of Chrislam and most don’t know what it means. Chrislam began in the city of Lagos, the biggest city and sea port in Nigeria, in the 1980’s. It is propagated in the name of “interfaith” – a concept which sounds wonderful but is built on shaky ground, as we shall see.

To simplify the doctrine of Chrislam, we can say that the Bible and the Koran are viewed as equal, and in a service reading is done from both of them. People are free to call on Allah or God when they pray and adherents hold that Moses, Muhammad and Jesus were all prophets of equal status and they are to be loved equally.

In the music worship part, Christian and Islamic hymns are sung. Holidays like Christmas, Easter, Ramadan and other Christian and Islamic holidays are equally observed.  In their place of worship there is an altar built after the model that Abraham used and worshippers can come before this altar and seek God in prayer. Members are trained in evangelism and typically seek through proselytism to convert outsiders to their faith.

One may understand a natural desire to work for peace in the world – and Nigeria is a region of great conflict between those who follow Islam and those who follow Christianity – but such work needs to have a base in reality, and not to rely on false and foolish assumptions as Chrislam does.

One may view “interfaith” as a process of building a bridge between two sides, but as any architect will tell you, before you build a bridge you need to be certain of the ground on either side. Christianity, having gone through a Reformation, can be said to be built on solid, sturdy ground – by which I mean that it encourages reason, logic and critical analysis, and underpins most of the great achievements of Western civilisation. Islam on the other hand, unreformed since its inception in the 7th century, expands through a combination of fear, intimidation and terror, spread by the sword with a totalitarian outlook, global supremacist ambitions, and death for apostates.

Rather than solid and sturdy ground, Islam may be said to be built on a fetid swamp of quicksand. Criticism is not allowed on pain of death – which tells you straightaway that there is a problem that is not going to be overcome simply by extending a hand of friendship – and as many people can attest, “interfaith” only goes one way, with Christianity giving everything and Islam taking everything while giving nothing in return. This is not a recipe for long-term peace and partnership as equals in perpetuity.

Danielle T’arna, a political activist from the West Midlands who I have recently interviewed on my radio show “Five Minutes To Midnight”, has first-hand experience of Chrislam and has written a hard-hitting summary which I have great pleasure in reproducing here in full.

The Chrislam Deception

The growing darkness and emerging death of Christianity in the church

Abridged version – By Danielle T’arna

“I stand amongst you as one who is crying out for you to wake up before what you have dies and is taken from you, never to be seen again”

In recent years the merger of Christianity and Islam “Chrislam” has now reached the level in the UK that it has become part of mainstream Christianity and culture. It is more well known as Inter Faith in the UK and fully embraced by the church and state.

I truly believe that we celebrated our last traditional Christmas and Easter many years ago in the UK. For many years evangelical Christians have been warning of a deceptive doctrine and growing movement that has been slowly emerging over the last two decades. Chrislam slowly emerged in the UK when we started to see a mass influx of immigrants and refugees.

Where Muslim immigrants and refugees settled and were housed in major cities we started to see multi faith events and organizations develop along with church led community groups and charities that tried to promote community cohesion amongst its growing Muslim communities.

Chrislam has flourished because of the nations fear of Islamic terror attacks, fatwas being issued under Islamic blasphemy laws and a need to understand a very alien and exotic ideology and religion. We have seen these terrorist attacks and threats from Islam used as a tool to enforce cultural changes in many Christian countries like Canada, Sweden, Germany and France.

Chrislam infiltrated the church on many levels that included theology, community organisations and projects, the use of churches for Islamic worship and prayers, charities, the inclusion of Islam in church services, worship, prayers, sermons, music and arts festivals, changing the names of Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter to terminology that accommodates Islam.

I personally have seen Christian schools promote the reading of the Koran (Qu’ran) and take their pupils for regular visits to their local mosque. I have seen Christian schools cater halal meals for Muslim pupils while enforcing halal food on the rest of its pupils. I have have seen the merger of both Christian and Muslim festivals in schools and in community run projects.

I have only just begun to scratch the surface of Chrislam in the UK with this article. I have only named just a few of the many government and non government organisations involved with Chrislam. It is a well funded and corrupt machine paid for by the church, government, Islamic foundations, Islamic countries and the European Union.

My immersion into the world of Chrislam

There is one question that I have been asking myself and that is“Why is the church inviting overseas missionaries to come and work in the UK ?” Surely it can’t be for the evangelism of a Christian nation ? I can answer this with my personal insight and involvement with one such missionary couple from 2014 – 2017

In late 2014 I was invited to a “community peace meal” in the Winson Green area of Birmingham by an Australian couple who are overseas missionaries. Ash and Anji Barker had recently arrived in Birmingham from working as missionaries in the Klong Toey slums of Bangkok. Anji had been invited to work in Birmingham by the UK Christian charity Oasis Trust[3] and to coordinate community activities in two of the charities Christian run Oasis Academy schools in Winson Green. When Ash and Anji moved into a very large vicarage called Newbigin House they quickly got to work establishing a charity called Newbigin Community Trust [2] which I was a founding trustee of. Newbigin Community Trust is just a part of the many projects run from Newbigin House[4]

During my time getting alongside Ash and Anji, I would observe how they worked with different groups of people in the community and how they would link with churches, work with local authorities, businesses and NGOs. Ash was a very laid back, loving and calm person. Anji on the other hand was a very active, encouraging and enabling person whose primary characteristic was that she never stopped talking and never thought about what she was saying. We were working with many Muslim families who had come to the UK as refugees and migrants. We started to adapt our work around the physical and emotional needs of local Muslims.

We installed special washing facilities for Muslims when they have finished using the toilet. We started to get halal only produce and set up cooking schools run by local Muslim women called “Flavors of Winson Green” for Christians to attend. The main part of Anji’s work centered on the Oasis Foundry community hub where she would run daily classes and groups for mainly Muslim women and many of the Muslim women would also get involved in community run events after school hours.

I started seeing Korans and Islamic scriptures placed around the house. Anji told me that one of the Muslim women was radicalised and was teaching English classes to other Muslim women at the school and there were concerns that she might be radicalizing the other Muslim women. I thought it was very odd that Anji was allowing this to happen and when I flagged it up it fell on deaf ears. I began to see holes appear with how Anji approached people and work. She would often make negative remarks about “dumb white Christians” and she welcomed such remarks being used by others.

She was aware that one of the vulnerable white teenage girls who attended youth club on Friday evenings had an adult Muslim boyfriend who was a taxi driver and would drop her off at youth club and would pick her up later. Anji did not flag this up to the police or social services despite me insisting she did. Her Manager knew about this and so did the headteacher.

During this period whenever there was an Islamic terrorist attack it would not be acknowledged or talked about so not to upset the Muslims who came to the house. Near the end of 2016 I started to doubt the authenticity of Ash and Anji’s mission as I saw how young white families were being discriminated against for being white. Despite the young family’s needs of support and help from our charity our main focus was providing support for Muslim families, some of whom were not in need of any support.

They started to offer immersion courses for paying Christians who wanted to gain experience working in a Muslim community in inner city Birmingham. I started to see that Ash and Anji were politically motivated and that the new progressive Christian movement that had become part of mainstream Christianity was ripe for people like Ash and Anji to introduce naive Christians to Islam.

The day Britain stood still

On Wednesday 22 March 2017 Britain changed forever. The Westminster terror attack by a jihadi was an attack on Britain and we were at war. Ash and Anji tried to contain my outrage and anger so it would not upset any Muslims. They tried to compare it to the IRA bombing campaigns on mainland Britain. I argued that it was nothing like the IRA attacks as we knew who our enemy was and that the government were tough on terrorism back then.

I started to see a bigger agenda appear regarding Islam and I began to question my involvement with Ash and Anji and Gas St church. The days following the Westminster terror attack many arrests were made across Birmingham and in Winson Green. A cold shudder went down my spine as I realised I could of known one of the terrorists or even had contact with them if they had come to one of our groups. It was then that I stopped being part of Ash and Anji’s work in Birmingham.

On Monday evening of the 22nd May 2017 in Manchester arena, 22 innocent lives were lost and over 60 mainly young girls were injured during the Ariana Grande concert. It was the day that changed my life forever.

I started to get as much information about Islam and what was happening in the world as I could, and I was in for the biggest shock of my life as I realised the scale of the threat of Islam is to the rest of the world along with its alliance with political forces who also want to see the end of western culture.

I started to become active in voicing my concerns about Islam. I soon became ostracised by the church, Christians and all the friends I had made in Winson Green apart from one young family I kept in contact with. I found myself on my own campaigning against Islam and how Christians were working in alliance with Islam to infiltrate church culture, teaching and leadership so that Chrislam would eventually become the norm in the church.

I later found out that the charity I had helped start hosted Eid celebrations in 2017 for the community in Winson Green and many of the Christian women garbed themselves in the hijab.

A bigger picture

During the summer of 2017 I was checking the lineups of various music festivals around the UK – one being Greenbelt, which is the biggest Christian music and arts festival in the UK and in the past helped to launch the careers of bands like U2 and The Alarm.

As I was looking through the lineup I started to notice that half of the bill were Muslim acts, teachers, politicians, activists and preachers. I was absolutely shocked so I investigated who was booking these Muslim acts and why,[5] The Muslim acts were paid for by the Wafic Said Foundation.[6]

As I investigated the money trail I found out that Wafic Said [7] was involved in the Al-Yamamah arms deal corruption scandal and Wafic Said was one of the people who was paid £billions by the British government so that Britain could secure arms contracts with Saudi Arabia and made it Britain’s largest ever export agreement. In return Britain would receive 600,000 barrels of crude oil per day.[8] So as the British government and establishment can be brought for the right price, it seems the same can be said for the church in the UK. The more one scratches at the surface the more corruption and collusion from both the church and state is exposed and even reaches to Canada.[9]

Latest news

The latest articles appearing in the British press show the startling growth and scale of Chrislam within the UK church.

1, The Bishop of Bradford urges Christians to go to mosque. [10]

2, A UK tour of “The Jihad of Jesus” has been organised for dates in March 2018, [11]

3, Lord Bourne Minister of Faith visits church-mosque twinning programme.[12]

4, The Christian muslim forum receives grant to develop a Methodist-muslim project. [13]

5, The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby becomes patron of the UK’s largest Christian-muslim organisation.[14]

6, The government funds an additional £1.5 million to the “Near Neighbours” programme run by the Church of England bringing the total funding to £9.5 million.[15]

See also

List of links to Chrislam organisations in the UK

1, Christian muslim forum.[16] Funded by Baptist Union of Great Britain, Church Urban Fund, Communities and Local Government, Community Development Foundation, Diocese of Lichfield.

2, The Inter Faith Network.[17]

3, St Ethelburga’s.[18]

4, Near Neighbours.[19]

5, Three Faiths Forum.[20]

6, Touchstone.[21]

7, The Feast.[22]

8, London Inter Faith Centre.[23]

Behold the future

It is my belief that Chrislam is but a toy for the rabid dog of Islam to play with. Islam is using taqiyya to dominate Christianity and completely replace it as the official state religion of the UK.

Islam is playing a long game and when the time is right it will by force, bribes, political corruption and numbers dominate the UK and weave its influence and power into every fibre of the fabric of British society.

Great Britain has forever changed with Islam being used as the tool to enforce the destruction of our identity, culture, history, our laws and heritage. Once it is lost it will be lost forever.




Newbigin Community Trust






















Danielle T’arna is currently organising a series of events in the UK with a special guest speaker from Canada who is promoting “Killing Europe” – his film on the dire consequences of Islam in Europe. So far we have several events organised (including Birmingham and Grimsby) for the end of March 2018. For now, the exact locations are being kept secret for security reasons. If you think you may be interested in attending one of these events, please let me know at and I will pass on your details.

Tim Burton – with acknowledgements to Danielle T’arna

Why we do what we do to oppose the barbaric and totalitarian 7th century ideology of Islam

  Muslims (of course)

I was taken this week with a post from a Twitter user, @ XxPLW2xX (Paula) who listed a whole bunch of reasons as to why we should not shut up about this barbaric and totalitarian 7th century ideology and the deleterious effect it is having on our democratic societies, despite the immense pressure we are coming under from politicians and the media to only say nice things about it, under pain of prosecution and of being called a “racist”, a “bigot”, and an “Islamophobe” (whatever that is.)

It struck me as being so clear, lucid and to the point, that it could almost serve as a personal mission statement for all of those individuals and / or organisations that have declared themselves, for one good reason or another, to be anti-Islam. Part of the problem that we have, when we are trying to organise ourselves against the most virulent threat that our civilisation has ever experienced, is that we are all pulling in different directions. What we want and need is a clear and coherent statement that we can all get behind and that tells everyone of goodwill (that is to say, all other non-Muslims) exactly why we are doing what we are doing.

For this reason, I am reproducing the post in full:

“Why I won’t shut up about Islam”

I may be a small lone voice but I am strong and passionate in my convictions and I know many others think the same as me. Islam is not a religion of peace and I am not a bigot, racist or Islamophobe for saying this, the truth.

I will stop talking about Islam when people are no longer killed, tortured and oppressed in its name. When I no longer have to read how innocents and children are slaughtered, accompanied by shouts of “Allah-hu-Akbar.” I will be quiet about Islam when it stops attempting to implement its claim of supremacy, when the calls for Sharia Law stop and when patriarchal cultures diminish.

I will shut up about Islam when there are no more Islamic terror atrocities, no new Islamic militant groups developing and killing in the name of Allah after being birthed in a womb of indoctrination and nurtured on hate. When non-Muslims are no longer branded kuffar, infidels or disbelievers. I will be quiet when Islam no longer poses a threat to humanity and civilisation.

I will stop talking about Islam when science is no longer met with hostility from your religion, when cures and vaccines are no longer waived away with religious dogma and fatwas. When a new discovery isn’t perceived to be a personal attack on your faith. I will be quiet when apostates are free from harm and isolation, when they can be open about rejecting Islam without hostility, threats and death.

I will shut up about Islam when child marriage is seen as disgusting and an abhorrent thing from the past. When sex with a 9 year old girl is no longer acceptable because Muhammad did it. When I no longer read accounts of 5 year old girls having their genitals mutilated to preserve their future chastity, how they will get no pleasure from sex and will suffer infections for the rest of their lives and most likely die in childbirth.

I will stop talking about Islam when wives are no longer beaten in public. When I no longer hear of women being oppressed, stoned and murdered in honour killings. When I no longer see women and children as young as 3 forced to wear a niqab. When women are no longer viewed as inferior in your religion. I will be quiet when animals aren’t tortured and inhumanely slaughtered for fun, when religiously blessed halal meat isn’t forced upon me.

I will shut up about Islam when stoning, whipping and amputation is no more. When people of other faiths can freely practice their religion in Muslim majority countries and communities without being subjected to abuse, harm or jizya. When it no longer calls for antisemitism and stops condemning non-believers to an eternal hell-fire. I will be quiet when Islam stops calling non-Muslims apes and pigs, and forbids friendships from other faiths.

I will stop talking about Islam when I no longer see young children bound in chains being beheaded slowly by Muslim men in the name of Allah. When gays are no longer killed, tortured, bullied and harassed due to the rampant homophobia that exists in your religion. I will be quiet when pregnant mothers aren’t forced to fast during Ramadan, when I don’t have to hear about people being hacked to death during Ramadan for being secular.

I will shut up about Islam when it stops violating numerous human rights, allowing slavery and sexual slavery. When females aren’t beaten to within an inch of their lives, when they can freely study and go to school. When girls are stopped from being enslaved by parents, guardians and husbands. I will be quiet when there are no genetically deformed babies from consanguinity (related marriage.)

I will stop talking about Islam when apologists stop blindly defending and appeasing it, and address what is said in Islamic scripture and what is taught in mosques. When I am not accused of being a bigot for speaking out against the atrocities that happen daily all around us in the name of a barbaric 7th century totalitarian ideology. I will be quiet when your religion can be openly discussed and criticised without fear of reprisal.

I won’t shut up about Islam until I cease to be told that the killings carried out by Islamic terrorists whilst shouting “Allah-hu-Akbar” has nothing to do with Islam. When people realise that Muslims attacking and killing other Muslims of a different sect *is* Islam. I will be quiet when the world realises that it’s not Islamophobic to disagree with the Islamic belief that I should convert, submit or die.

Islam is not a religion of peace and I am not a bigot, racist or Islamophobe for saying this, the truth.

We could do a lot worse than to adopt this – or something very close to it – as our mission statement, in order that we may come together as one purposeful and determined organisation, and thereby effectively combat the greatest threat our enlightened Judaeo-Christian civilisation has ever encountered.

Your comments and / or criticisms are welcome.

Tim Burton (with acknowledgements to Paula @XxPLW2xX on Twitter)


Canaries in the Coalmine – French Edition – Has Macron bitten off more than he can chew?

 Ever the optimist

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, has finally decided that the presence of a “restive” Islamic community in France is worthy of his attention. In a move that betrays his woeful misunderstanding of the problem at hand, he has announced that he intends to “re-organise” Islam in France so that it is “better aligned” with the French state. After all, French law must remain supreme, and anyone who promotes Sharia Law as being somehow superior must be someone who misunderstands Islam, right?

Well, as the famous Chinese General Sun Tzu might have said – “Good luck with that, sonny.”

The problem – of course – is that Islam is an ideology that encourages its followers to pay scant regard to the man-made secular laws of the land where Muslims may happen to reside. Of course, when Muslims are in the minority, they pay lip service to the demands of the state; however when through an increase of demographics they become a significant presence (not necessarily a majority) they become progressively more vocal in their pursuit of Sharia Law as a means of governance – and they are not afraid to use violence in the pursuit of their objectives.

It is therefore hardly surprising that Emmanuel Macron’s proposed reforms have met with a certain amount of opposition. Muslim spokesmen and “community leaders” in France have denounced any attempt to curb the expansion of Islam as “racist”, “bigoted” and “Islamophobic” (hmm, where have I heard that before…)

This is important because France is one of the Canaries in the Coalmine when it comes to predicting what will happen in the UK over the next couple of decades or thereabouts. Islam brooks no opposition – it is either Islam’s way or the highway – and there is no tolerance, no compromise, no negotiation to be had when it comes to whether other religions, cultures or ways of life. None of these can co-exist with Islam. Quite simply, if we tolerate the intolerance of Islam, the inevitable conclusion will be that we will eventually cease to exist as a civilisation.

Already we are starting to see the breakdown of France as a civilised society. Quite apart from the hundreds of people who have been killed by Muslims in the name of Islam over the past four or five years, the rampant and virulent Muslim anti-Semitism – a natural consequence of allowing a large number of Muslims into a civilised country – has resulted in the exodus of at least 20 per cent of the Jewish population. This is a trend which is accelerating rapidly and which is replicated in every Western country where Muslims have been allowed to proliferate.

We are now at the point – not only within France, but within large parts of Western Europe – where the only possible realistic response is to  belatedly acknowledge that we have among us a large number of hostile aliens, adherents of an ideology whose avowed purpose is to destroy Western civilisation. We then have to take the appropriate action – by which I mean action appropriate for a nation to defend itself in times of war.  For make no mistake, this is a war – a war not of our own making – but a war declared on us by an implacable ideology that demands our submission, and it requires a suitably robust response on behalf of the state. With the honourable exceptions of politicians such as Geert Wilders of the Netherlands and Paul Weston of the United Kingdom, it remains to be seen whether there is anyone currently in power who can demonstrate the courage required to take the aforesaid appropriate action within the window of opportunity left open to us before we are swamped by the tsunami of Muslim demographics.

Tim Burton

Here’s why Islam should no longer be considered as a religion under UK law.

   Scrabbling for justice

Due to the enormous amount of positive feedback that this article has generated, I am leaving it as a “sticky” – that is, it will be the first article visible when you call up from your browser. To view other recently published articles by the Counter Jihad Warrior team, including myself, please refer to the “Recent Posts” and “Archives” sections in the sidebar. If you would like to search for articles based on specific topics then please use the “Tags” section.

This article is partly based on the excellent research undertaken by Graham Senior-Milne concerning the legal status of Islam in the UK.  It is of particular relevance to a March 2018 case of Religiously Aggravated Harassment in Folkestone Magistrates Court concerning Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of Britain First – and is also relevant to this March 2017 case in Southwark Crown Court where the author of this article was similarly charged.

It may well also be relevant to numerous other cases of Religiously Aggravated Harassment that have been prosecuted since the Racial and Religious Hatred Act came into force in 2006.

Having considered all the arguments from Graham Senior-Milne’s research, it becomes obvious that if only the legal system would take these arguments into account, and find in our favour (as it undoubtedly should) then in addition to quashing the above-mentioned cases of Religiously Aggravated Harassment, we would solve a great many of our problems with Islam overnight. Considering that Islam is shaping up to be the world’s most intractable problem of the 21st century, this would be a most worthwhile goal, and one arguably deserving of a great deal of attention.

The author of this article attempted to have the subject debated in court in 2017, but was informed that there was no way that any judge in the UK would entertain such an idea in the current political climate, which is a sad indictment of the craven and cowardly attitude of those in power who should – in an ideal world – uphold the law without fear or favour, compared to the current policies of appeasement in relation to the increasingly arrogant and aggressive followers of the most barbaric, backward, misogynistic and totalitarian ideology the world has ever seen.

The basic argument is as follows: Islam should not be considered a religion in UK law because it does not meet certain criteria laid down by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) which is currently the highest authority in our legal system.

In a case going back to 1982 it was stated that: in order to qualify for protection under Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) (Freedom of thought,conscience and religion), religious and philosophical beliefs must be worthy of respect in a democratic society, be not incompatible with human dignity and not conflict with the fundamental rights of others.”

If it is lawful to protect religious beliefs that meet these criteria, it must be unlawful to protect (via legal recognition) religious beliefs that do not meet these criteria, because such beliefs must either be not worthy of respect in a democratic society (Islam is unquestionably anti-democratic) and/or incompatible with human dignity (the dignity of women, for instance, who are mere chattels in Islam) and/or conflict with the fundamental rights of others (such as gays, including gay Muslims, who, under Sharia law, must be killed).

Following on from this, the logic would be that, in law, you cannot harass a person based on their religion if, in law, that person has no religion (what they believe is not recognized, in law, as a religion and therefore does not qualify for the legal protections that apply, in law, to religions recognized as such).

In other words, ‘religious harassment of a Muslim’ is, in UK law, a contradiction in terms; it is a legal impossibility.

While Islam has been treated as a religion in numerous cases over the years, this issue has never been argued before a court; courts have just assumed that Islam is a religion in law. In other words, there is no binding precedent on this issue.

This may sound surprising, but you can perhaps understand why courts would avoid this issue like the plague, even if it occurred to them that they might consider it in the first place. But courts do not hesitate to apply these criteria to other philosophical or religious beliefs – so why should Islam be exempt?

Consider the sheer idiocy of the proposition that a set of beliefs which are incompatible with the human rights of others (say, sacrificing babies on the first Tuesday of every month), which would not be protected under Article 9 ECHR as philosophical beliefs, would be protected simply because they are ‘religious beliefs’.

Would you protect Nazi beliefs if Nazis believed that Hitler was God? Of course not. Yet there is a direct parallel with Islam. Rampant antisemitism? Check. An inbuilt sense of supremacism? Check. A quest for worldwide domination by any means available, including fear, violence, intimidation and terror? Check again. It can easily be seen that Islam has much more in common with Nazism than it does with, say, Judaism or Christianity.

In another case from 2005, it was stated that “Article 9 embraces freedom of thought, conscience and religion. The atheist, the agnostic, and the sceptic are as much entitled to freedom to hold and manifest their beliefs as the theist. These beliefs are placed on an equal footing for the purpose of this guaranteed freedom. Thus, if its manifestation is to attract protection under Article 9 then a non-religious belief, as much as a religious belief, must satisfy the modest threshold requirements implicit in this Article.

With regard to the ‘modest threshold requirements’, these are stated at para. 23 (my emphasis): “Everyone, therefore, is entitled to hold whatever beliefs he wishes. But when questions of ‘manifestation’ arise, as they usually do in this type of case, a belief must satisfy some modest, objective minimum requirements. These threshold requirements are implicit in Article 9 of the European Convention and comparable guarantees in other human rights instruments.”

“The belief must be consistent with basic standards of human dignity or integrity. Manifestation of a religious belief, for instance, which involved subjecting others to torture or inhuman punishment would not qualify for protection.”

“The belief must relate to matters more than merely trivial. It must possess an adequate degree of seriousness and importance. As has been said, it must be a belief on a fundamental problem. With religious belief this requisite is readily satisfied.”

“The belief must also be coherent in the sense of being intelligible and capable of being understood. But again, too much should not be demanded in this regard. Typically, religion involves belief in the supernatural. It is not always susceptible to lucid exposition or, still less, rational justification. The language used is often the language of allegory, symbol and metaphor.”

“Depending on the subject matter, individuals cannot always be expected to express themselves with cogency or precision. Nor are an individual’s beliefs fixed and static. The beliefs of every individual are prone to change over his or her lifetime. Overall, these threshold requirements should not be set at a level which would deprive minority beliefs of the protection they are intended to have under the Convention.”

The bottom line is: A person can believe what ever he likes but his beliefs must meet the threshold requirements to be recognized and afforded protection in law.

It is true that Islam is given as an example of a religion in the explanatory notes to s.44 Equality Act 2006, but explanatory notes are not definitive of the meaning of an Act. Also, the explanatory notes state:

‘Section 44 defines what is meant by “religion or belief” for the purposes of this Act. Section 44(a) defines “religion” as “any religion”, a broad definition in line with the freedom of religion guaranteed by Article 9 of the ECHR.’

This makes it clear that, for the purposes of the Equality Act 2006, a religion can only be recognized and treated as a religion if it meets the criteria for Article 9 ECHR (because Article 9 ECHR does not recognize or protect beliefs or religions that do not meet the criteria specified in Campbell and Cosans v United Kingdom [1982] ECHR 1).

In any event, even if a statute did provide that Islam is a religion, that statute would itself be unlawful under Article 9 ECHR, given that the ECHR (and the case law of the ECtHR, which interprets the ECHR) overrides domestic law, whether it be statute or other.

Let’s see how many people out there would support a Judicial Review (the legal mechanism whereby a senior judge would be obliged to consider the proposition that Islam should no longer be considered a religion in law. It is admittedly an expensive process, however if a mere 3000 people (out of our population of 60 million) were to pledge just £10 each then we could take the first step on the road to free our country from the tyranny of Islam. Please register your interest by leaving a message of support at the following email address: You don’t have to pledge any money as such at this stage – I am just trying to gauge the level of interest, and if we manage to get enough people expressing support then we could set up a proper fund-raising campaign.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to do everything we can to help provide them with a better world, free from the threat of Islam, Sharia law, and all the other manifestations of this barbaric, misogynistic 7th-century totalitarian ideology. Please help us to meet this goal if you possibly can.

Tim Burton (with acknowledgements to Graham Senior-Milne)