Why we do what we do to oppose the barbaric and totalitarian 7th century ideology of Islam

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I was taken this week with a post from a Twitter user, @ XxPLW2xX (Paula) who listed a whole bunch of reasons as to why we should not shut up about this barbaric and totalitarian 7th century ideology and the deleterious effect it is having on our democratic societies, despite the immense pressure we are coming under from politicians and the media to only say nice things about it, under pain of prosecution and of being called a “racist”, a “bigot”, and an “Islamophobe” (whatever that is.)

It struck me as being so clear, lucid and to the point, that it could almost serve as a personal mission statement for all of those individuals and / or organisations that have declared themselves, for one good reason or another, to be anti-Islam. Part of the problem that we have, when we are trying to organise ourselves against the most virulent threat that our civilisation has ever experienced, is that we are all pulling in different directions. What we want and need is a clear and coherent statement that we can all get behind and that tells everyone of goodwill (that is to say, all other non-Muslims) exactly why we are doing what we are doing.

For this reason, I am reproducing the post in full:

“Why I won’t shut up about Islam”

I may be a small lone voice but I am strong and passionate in my convictions and I know many others think the same as me. Islam is not a religion of peace and I am not a bigot, racist or Islamophobe for saying this, the truth.

I will stop talking about Islam when people are no longer killed, tortured and oppressed in its name. When I no longer have to read how innocents and children are slaughtered, accompanied by shouts of “Allah-hu-Akbar.” I will be quiet about Islam when it stops attempting to implement its claim of supremacy, when the calls for Sharia Law stop and when patriarchal cultures diminish.

I will shut up about Islam when there are no more Islamic terror atrocities, no new Islamic militant groups developing and killing in the name of Allah after being birthed in a womb of indoctrination and nurtured on hate. When non-Muslims are no longer branded kuffar, infidels or disbelievers. I will be quiet when Islam no longer poses a threat to humanity and civilisation.

I will stop talking about Islam when science is no longer met with hostility from your religion, when cures and vaccines are no longer waived away with religious dogma and fatwas. When a new discovery isn’t perceived to be a personal attack on your faith. I will be quiet when apostates are free from harm and isolation, when they can be open about rejecting Islam without hostility, threats and death.

I will shut up about Islam when child marriage is seen as disgusting and an abhorrent thing from the past. When sex with a 9 year old girl is no longer acceptable because Muhammad did it. When I no longer read accounts of 5 year old girls having their genitals mutilated to preserve their future chastity, how they will get no pleasure from sex and will suffer infections for the rest of their lives and most likely die in childbirth.

I will stop talking about Islam when wives are no longer beaten in public. When I no longer hear of women being oppressed, stoned and murdered in honour killings. When I no longer see women and children as young as 3 forced to wear a niqab. When women are no longer viewed as inferior in your religion. I will be quiet when animals aren’t tortured and inhumanely slaughtered for fun, when religiously blessed halal meat isn’t forced upon me.

I will shut up about Islam when stoning, whipping and amputation is no more. When people of other faiths can freely practice their religion in Muslim majority countries and communities without being subjected to abuse, harm or jizya. When it no longer calls for antisemitism and stops condemning non-believers to an eternal hell-fire. I will be quiet when Islam stops calling non-Muslims apes and pigs, and forbids friendships from other faiths.

I will stop talking about Islam when I no longer see young children bound in chains being beheaded slowly by Muslim men in the name of Allah. When gays are no longer killed, tortured, bullied and harassed due to the rampant homophobia that exists in your religion. I will be quiet when pregnant mothers aren’t forced to fast during Ramadan, when I don’t have to hear about people being hacked to death during Ramadan for being secular.

I will shut up about Islam when it stops violating numerous human rights, allowing slavery and sexual slavery. When females aren’t beaten to within an inch of their lives, when they can freely study and go to school. When girls are stopped from being enslaved by parents, guardians and husbands. I will be quiet when there are no genetically deformed babies from consanguinity (related marriage.)

I will stop talking about Islam when apologists stop blindly defending and appeasing it, and address what is said in Islamic scripture and what is taught in mosques. When I am not accused of being a bigot for speaking out against the atrocities that happen daily all around us in the name of a barbaric 7th century totalitarian ideology. I will be quiet when your religion can be openly discussed and criticised without fear of reprisal.

I won’t shut up about Islam until I cease to be told that the killings carried out by Islamic terrorists whilst shouting “Allah-hu-Akbar” has nothing to do with Islam. When people realise that Muslims attacking and killing other Muslims of a different sect *is* Islam. I will be quiet when the world realises that it’s not Islamophobic to disagree with the Islamic belief that I should convert, submit or die.

Islam is not a religion of peace and I am not a bigot, racist or Islamophobe for saying this, the truth.

We could do a lot worse than to adopt this – or something very close to it – as our mission statement, in order that we may come together as one purposeful and determined organisation, and thereby effectively combat the greatest threat our enlightened Judaeo-Christian civilisation has ever encountered.

Your comments and / or criticisms are welcome.

Tim Burton (with acknowledgements to Paula @XxPLW2xX on Twitter)


2 thoughts on “Why we do what we do to oppose the barbaric and totalitarian 7th century ideology of Islam”

  1. Very good, but you and other “Islamophobes” keep failing to take advantage of what I believe to be perhaps the most effective offensive strategy by not mentioning Islam’s sadistic hatred of dogs. British people and Europeans generally LOVE dogs, and for very good reasons, as they are loyal, companiable, and delightful fun. What civilised person could hate such wonderful friendly creatures? The vast majority of British people probably have no idea of how cruelly dogs are treated in the Muslim world.

    I recall reading how many American soldiers in Iraq had rescued dogs from a life of abuse and wanted desperately to take them back home with them. It was also no accident that, in the movie of that name, when Borat (Sacha Cohen) was asked by an American victim of his satire “what sport do you like?”, he immediately replied “I like to shoot dogs..!” Apparently so did Saddam Hussein, and it seems to be a popular “sport” in the Muslim “world”.

    But if you were to mention this fact, a Muslim apologist will immediately pop out of the woodwork claiming in their shrill tones – “I know lots of lovely Muslims who have pet dogs”. Yes, but they won’t when they get the sharia law that at least 40% of them are pushing for.

    On my visits to the UK, I have occasionally heard about an increase in dog-napping. The media pretends this to be a “mystery” and quickly goes on to the next topic. But there is no mystery – these dogs are stolen to be used as “bait” in unspeakably cruel dog fights, banned in Britain almost 200 years ago, but which our cultural-enrichers revel in staging for “entertainment”, and which the authorities turn a blind eye to, lest they “offend” those peace-loving Muslims.

    Another thing – as a way of finessing the predictable accusations of Islamophobia, you should say (as I’ve heard Tommy Robinson say, but not often enough) that you feel sad for the majority of muslims, as they are victims of Islam – trapped in a religion/death cult that they cannot leave under threat of death or, at the very least, total ostracism from their family and friends.

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