Football Lads Alliance Demonstration in Birmingham – 24 March 2018

   Anne Marie Waters

I recently had the privilege of attending the Football Lads Alliance demonstration in Birmingham where several distinguished speakers were present, including Anne Marie Waters of the political party “For Britain”.

The event attracted around 5000 people and went off completely peacefully, despite the best efforts of a small group of so-called “Anti-Fascists” to disrupt proceedings by shouting and screaming obscenities.

There was a very impassioned speech by a young activist called Alena who was representing the 120dB movement from Germany. She spoke of the fear, violence, intimidation and terror that “Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem” has brought to Germany including an epidemic of sexual assault, rape and murder that the German authorities seem to have no idea how to contain. She described in great detail from first hand experience the detrimental effect that large numbers of barbaric, rape-addicted savages can have on a formerly civilised country. You can watch and listen to Alena’s speech here.

The speech by Anne Marie Waters was also very powerful and her main message was that we are at a crossroads. We can either submit to Islam or Sharia or we can fight back and regain control of our country. The future of Britain is in the hands of all of us , she said- we have the power to vote these weasels and mountebanks out of power and restore sanity to Great Britain. She also made the very good point that it is not enough for us to leave the EU via Brexit – the entire rotten structure of the EU needs to be dismantled, lock ,stock and barrel, if we are to stop its increasing totalitarian tendencies from ruining the lives of hundreds of millions of civilised people. You can watch and listen to Anne Marie’s speech here.

There was also a speech from Luke Nash-Jones of Make Britain Great Again.

The speeches were followed by a march into Birmingham City Centre, which also went off completely peacefully. There was a very heavy police presence, but the atmosphere was completely non-threatening and there were no arrests during either the demonstration or the march.

Interestingly, the local and national mainstream media deigned to report on the march, which was a completely different situation from the almost complete media blackout imposed on the previous Football Lads Alliance marches in London, although the emphasis (as might be expected) was on trying to paint the participants as racist, bigoted and undeserving of any sympathy.

The overall impression was that we are seeing a long-overdue start of a movement comprising large numbers of peaceful non-Muslims who are just waking up to the threat of Islam in this country. Given that Muslims are increasing their number in the civilised world day by day, and given that the anti-social, the criminal and the terrorist tendencies of a significant proportion of their community are unlikely to improve of their own accord – that is to say, as the problems caused by the political ideology of Islam are not going to go away anytime soon – the likelihood is that more and more non-Muslims will continue to awaken and to become more vocal in their opposition to what is happening to their country.

One of the best the best memories I have was of a banner that read ‘I’m here so that I can tell my children that I did not stay silent’. I hope that there will be many more such banners at many more such marches in the future, and that together we will eventually be successful in stopping and reversing the catastrophic effects of Islamisation not only in this country, but throughout the entire Western world.

As I have said many times before, we owe it to our children and grandchildren not to squander their inheritance – of what is arguably the best civilisation ever devised by mankind – by allowing its destruction by a barbaric, misogynistic, totalitarian seventh-century political ideology.

Tim Burton


Five Minutes to Midnight – The Counter Jihad Warrior Radio Show – 15 March 2018

      Be there or be square

The latest Counter Jihad Warrior Radio Show – Five Minutes to Midnight – from 15 March 2018 is available now to listen in archive. Don’t miss it.

It includes an audio reading from my new book – Pigeon on the Wing.

Pigeon on the Wing – Chapter 1 – Judgment Day.

Tim Burton (with acknowledgements to Kel Fritzi – the beautiful Red Fox from Red Fox RFB Radio and Infidels are Watching on Global Patriot Radio)

Pat Condell – Progressive Feminism and International Women’s Day

 You know he’s right

Pat Condell is one of my favourite vloggers, mostly because he does not mince words, and he is not afraid to tell it how it is when standing up to the evils of political correctness and the purveyors of the “multicultural / diversity” bullshit currently peddled to the rest of us by our political elites and the terminally deluded “great and good” – who for the most part don’t have a clue about what is being done to systematically destroy our formerly peaceful, democratic societies based on Judaeo-Christian ethics, morals and values.

This week he takes aim at so-called “Progressive Feminists” and their contribution – or lack of it – to the International Women’s Day that took place on Thursday 08 March 2018.

I have taken the liberty of transcribing the narrative onto this web page as I think it is too important to be overlooked, and the YouTube Closed Caption feature doesn’t always capture the subtle grammatical nuances .

Pat Condell’s words are in italics. View the YouTube video here.

Pat Condell – Progressive Feminism

When it comes to the ongoing wave of migrant rape and sexual assault in Europe, the people I feel most sorry for are the refugee friendly progressive feminists, because when they get raped they won’t even know who to blame without being a racist.

What am I saying – of course they will – they’ll blame all men as usual while telling everybody else not to generalise. I hadn’t intended to talk about this subject again for a while, but it’s International Women’s Day, so how could I resist. You may know that a couple of my recent videos on this subject have been censored by YouTube because it seems that the progressive feminists at YouTube really don’t like to be ridiculed – which is good to know.

Progressive feminism differs from real feminism of course, in that it’s a lot more about appearance and public posture than it is about substance. It certainly has nothing to do with the welfare of women, and everything to do with the petty bigotries and personal neuroses of the stupid progressive feminists. All other women, especially women who are oppressed by other cultures – if  you’ll pardon the euphemism – can go hang themselves, because progressive feminism subscribes to a toxic identity grievance hierarchy that puts black and brown skinned men above all women.

White men of course are right at the bottom, especially white heterosexual men because they are responsible for all the bad things in the world and there’s nothing good to be said about them, which is why you’ll find that progressive feminists will often have more of a problem with white men who don’t rape than they do with black or brown men who do.

The black and brown rapists are clearly driven to it by white racism. We shouldn’t demonise and other-ise people from disadvantaged backgrounds just because they happen to be violent rapists when we could be putting the blame where it really belongs on white men and their racism – isn’t that right, girls.

Now obviously, to those of us outside the progressive bubble – that sounds totally idiotic – but we have to try and understand the kind of pressure these women are under from the other progressive dimwits around them, especially in a place like Google which is notoriously a safe space environment and this means of course that many of its employees are certifiably insane and they know better than anyone the kind of hysterical reaction they’ll be faced with if they ever stepped out of line because they hear it whenever they open their mouths, and they see it whenever they look in the mirror, and they know that if they were ever crazy enough to unequivocally condemn a brown-skinned rapist they would be immediately be smeared as a racist by a rabid mob of empty-headed sloganeering bimbos just like themselves and that’s what they fear more than anything because they’re too stupid to know any better.

I do hope that doesn’t offend.

Meanwhile Europe is being invaded by a violent third-world Muslim rape culture. Have I mentioned this before, well let me mention it again just for International Women’s Day. If the invasion is allowed to continue and thanks to our politicians, many of them female, it looks as if it will, rape is going to evolve in Europe from a disgusting horrific crime to an unfortunate cultural difference and women are going to learn, often the hard way to keep themselves covered and to spend less time in the public space and this is the society that we will leave to our grandchildren.

We can already see it taking shape, as a society significantly less safe and significantly less free for women than the society we were lucky enough to be born into. We are the most pampered generation in human history. We’ve never had to defend anything or fight for anything; consequently we don’t know the value of anything, which is why we’re such a pushover.

So you women in Europe need to wake up to the imminent threat you face because it’s clear now that the people in Europe who call themselves men are not going to help you. If you don’t wake up now and start voting – yes, voting seriously – against the politicians who are enabling this invasion, your daughters and granddaughters will pay a very heavy price indeed.

It would be so wonderful if you women at Google could help them in that by just getting out of the way. We’re not asking you girls to leave your safe space because you’d be like a crab without a shell, we understand that, but if you could just not hinder the people who are trying to make the difference that you could be making it would be really great.

If any of you are curious about what Europe is inflicting on its female population just visit any Muslim country, walk down the street in a short skirt and see for yourself, but a little tip – if you do happen to get raped by one or more of the locals, whatever you do, don’t report it to the police or you will be the criminal and you might even get raped again.

It’s a cultural difference and here in the progressive West you know we love to celebrate difference and what could be more different than getting punished for being raped, plus learning about other cultures broadens the mind so it’s actually quite educational. It all depends on how you look at it, it always does when everything is relative.

After all, who are we in privileged Europe to tell disadvantaged third-world men that they shouldn’t abuse and rape women. If that’s their culture and if they want to come here to Europe illegally in unsustainably massive numbers and rape women and children here, what moral right do we have to object, all cultures being equal and all.

If we’re arrogant enough to try and educate them out of it they might become traumatised, marginalised and vulnerable. No it’s clearly up to you women in Europe to take some responsibility here and keep yourselves hidden if you don’t want to be raped.

It’s not as if you don’t know what’s coming by now unless you’ve been living in a cave. Look at the countries these people are coming from – the very worst countries on earth for women where thousands of women and girls are forced into violent marriages and lives of misery every day – including International Women’s Day – and where they have no rights worthy of the name and the men, if you can call them that, who are doing it to them are being allowed to flood into Europe en masse and to bring that vile mentality here completely unfiltered and unchallenged – what did anyone think was going to happen?

Well it is happening – again and again – and as this invasion is allowed to continue it will get worse and worse and worse until we are faced with a crime against humanity when you purposely flood an emancipated liberal society like ours with overwhelming numbers of fighting age men from a violent misogynistic rape culture, you don’t need to be a genius to predict what will happen.

But you do need to be a special kind of rotten in the head to pretend that it won’t happen when you know it will. Morally it’s on a par with leaving a baby alone with a vicious dog – you’ve got no excuse, and you’ve got less than no excuse for censoring information about it, if you call yourself a feminist.

Peace – and – Happy International Women’s Day to everyone, but especially to the progressive bimbos, male and female, at Google and YouTube.

For those of you who are not sufficiently outraged to get out there with your torches and pitchforks, I suggest that you read, watch, learn and commit to memory each and every one of Pat Condell’s videos as he dissects every politically correct platitude – all of which are specifically designed to keep us sedated and unwary until our heads are on the butcher’s block.

I’ve decided that on my gravestone I’m going to have written the following:

“Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.”

Tim Burton

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Britain First leaders jailed for “Religiously Aggravated Harassment”

   A travesty of justice

I’m not sure if I can add a great deal to this Jihad Watch article concerning the conviction and imprisonment of Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen for doing very little more than drawing attention to the continuing – and worsening – phenomenon of Islamic Rape Gangs in the United Kingdom.

The CPS guidelines on “demonstrating hostility towards Muslims and the Muslim faith” do not now require any actual evidence of hostility, which can include such things as “unfriendliness” towards, or “dislike” of the barbaric ideology of Islam which has underpinned the rape of tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of vulnerable young girls by predatory Muslim men.

I must declare an interest here, as regular readers will know that I myself was unjustly convicted of Religiously Aggravated Harassment in 2017, for merely calling out a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist for being the pompous and arrogant fraud that he was.

My sympathies go out to both of these courageous people, who stand up against the ongoing Islamisation of our country when our craven and cowardly politicians, police forces and local authorities understand the consequences very well and still choose to do nothing about it.

Please support them if you can – I know from experience how challenging it can be in such an environment, and it is a real morale-booster to receive a letter of support or even a visit under such circumstances. Never forget what is at stake here – it’s not just the jailing of two courageous people, it’s the right to express ourselves freely in the face of the greatest threat to our civilisation that the country has ever seen, as well as the future of our children and grandchildren, and their right to live as free people – free from the barbarity of Islam and the depredations of Sharia and the Global Jihad.

Tim Burton


Sargon of Akkad and The Battle of King’s College London

     Oh, the irony…!

This post is not specifically to do with Islam, it is more to do with Free Speech, the cornerstone of our civilisation (which of course Islam vehemently opposes. In fact, if it wasn’t for the propensity that Islam has to pursue the violent destruction, rape and pillage of civilisations, humanity  and freedoms wherever it goes, I doubt if anyone would give a rat’s ass about such a backward ideology. But then that’s just my opinion.)

Some of you may recall that I recently referred to the work of Sargon of Akkad, a vlogger who it would be fair to regard as a classic liberal, and indeed he describes himself as such on his YouTube channel. His recent article on the tragedy of Venezuela highlighted the dangers of socialism.

These dangers take on a particularly ominous significance when socialism is faithfully implemented by those with a totalitarian outlook, such as Hugo Chavez and Nicholas Maduro in the case of Venezuela (and of course our very own Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, whose veiled and not-so-veiled threats on the curtailment of our freedoms should he ever come to power should forever disqualify him from holding the position of Prime Minister.)

In short, Sargon of Akkad (his real name, which is already in the public domain, is Carl Benjamin) is just the sort of advocate of free speech whose words we should be carefully considering when trying to find a way forward through the fog of totalitarianism that is gradually closing around us here in the so-called free world.

To that end, Carl Benjamin was invited to hold a discussion with author Yaron Brook, an Objectivist and chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute) held at that renowned bastion of free expression and free enquiry, King’s College London. One might have thought that an event on the subject of free speech would have taken place without any of the unpleasant scenes that have marred the appearances of such people as Robert Spencer, the director of Jihad Watch, and Milo Yiannopoulous, who describes himself as a “cultural libertarian” when they recently attempted to speak at universities and colleges in the United States.

However, the event at King’s College London was invaded by a large number of violent and masked students – self-described “anti-fascists” who beat up the security guards who were present, as well as some members of the audience, to the extent that a number of KCL security guards were hospitalised due to their injuries. This represents a severe escalation of the violence that the so-called “anti-fascists” are prepared to employ in the pursuit of their objectives in this country.

The most ironic aspect of the proceedings was the way in which the advocates of free speech were loudly and frequently referred to as “fascists” when of course it was the “anti-fascists” themselves that were exhibiting the true fascism and hatred that the Left has for our freedoms.

It remains to be seen whether any of the student “anti-fascists” will be reported to the police, or even disciplined for their activities, considering that some of them had their masks ripped off and their faces exposed to the myriad of smartphone cameras that are now ubiquitous and “de rigueur” at any public event. However, I for one will not be holding my breath. An increasing number of university and college authorities have no problem at all with violent and disruptive protests that are designed to shut down free speech and to “no-platform” anyone with views that are outside the permitted politically-correct limits that exist in such institutions today.

Tim Burton

PS – for those of you who are increasingly concerned about the censorship employed by the social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube, please take a look at BitChute . An increasing number of conservative vloggers and political commentators are moving to platforms such as BitChute for a relatively censorship-free media experience.