Football Lads Alliance Demonstration in Birmingham – 24 March 2018

   Anne Marie Waters

I recently had the privilege of attending the Football Lads Alliance demonstration in Birmingham where several distinguished speakers were present, including Anne Marie Waters of the political party “For Britain”.

The event attracted around 5000 people and went off completely peacefully, despite the best efforts of a small group of so-called “Anti-Fascists” to disrupt proceedings by shouting and screaming obscenities.

There was a very impassioned speech by a young activist called Alena who was representing the 120dB movement from Germany. She spoke of the fear, violence, intimidation and terror that “Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem” has brought to Germany including an epidemic of sexual assault, rape and murder that the German authorities seem to have no idea how to contain. She described in great detail from first hand experience the detrimental effect that large numbers of barbaric, rape-addicted savages can have on a formerly civilised country. You can watch and listen to Alena’s speech here.

The speech by Anne Marie Waters was also very powerful and her main message was that we are at a crossroads. We can either submit to Islam or Sharia or we can fight back and regain control of our country. The future of Britain is in the hands of all of us , she said- we have the power to vote these weasels and mountebanks out of power and restore sanity to Great Britain. She also made the very good point that it is not enough for us to leave the EU via Brexit – the entire rotten structure of the EU needs to be dismantled, lock ,stock and barrel, if we are to stop its increasing totalitarian tendencies from ruining the lives of hundreds of millions of civilised people. You can watch and listen to Anne Marie’s speech here.

There was also a speech from Luke Nash-Jones of Make Britain Great Again.

The speeches were followed by a march into Birmingham City Centre, which also went off completely peacefully. There was a very heavy police presence, but the atmosphere was completely non-threatening and there were no arrests during either the demonstration or the march.

Interestingly, the local and national mainstream media deigned to report on the march, which was a completely different situation from the almost complete media blackout imposed on the previous Football Lads Alliance marches in London, although the emphasis (as might be expected) was on trying to paint the participants as racist, bigoted and undeserving of any sympathy.

The overall impression was that we are seeing a long-overdue start of a movement comprising large numbers of peaceful non-Muslims who are just waking up to the threat of Islam in this country. Given that Muslims are increasing their number in the civilised world day by day, and given that the anti-social, the criminal and the terrorist tendencies of a significant proportion of their community are unlikely to improve of their own accord – that is to say, as the problems caused by the political ideology of Islam are not going to go away anytime soon – the likelihood is that more and more non-Muslims will continue to awaken and to become more vocal in their opposition to what is happening to their country.

One of the best the best memories I have was of a banner that read ‘I’m here so that I can tell my children that I did not stay silent’. I hope that there will be many more such banners at many more such marches in the future, and that together we will eventually be successful in stopping and reversing the catastrophic effects of Islamisation not only in this country, but throughout the entire Western world.

As I have said many times before, we owe it to our children and grandchildren not to squander their inheritance – of what is arguably the best civilisation ever devised by mankind – by allowing its destruction by a barbaric, misogynistic, totalitarian seventh-century political ideology.

Tim Burton


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