Sargon of Akkad speaks about Freedom of Speech in London – St Georges Day, Monday 23 April 2018

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Sargon of Akkad (the YouTube identity of Carl Benjamin) speaks in London after the sentencing of Count Dankula, (the YouTube identity of Martin Meecham) who was fined £800 for making a cute video of his girlfriend’s dog making a Nazi salute and posting it on Facebook.

Quite apart from the fact that no dogs were harmed in the video, and that it was obviously a joke to wind up his girlfriend, this illustrates the fact that “hate crime” legislation in this country has got out of hand and needs to be repealed forthwith to restore the right of freedom of speech, where so-called “offensive speech” can be freely debated rather than being censored by a heavy-handed nanny state to satisfy the sensitivities of snowflakes.

Sargon of Akkad makes the very valid point that even asking the question about whether Enoch Powell was right concerning his controversial “Rivers of Blood” speech confers upon the questioner the epithet of “racist” and “bigot” when in fact the question should have been “was Enoch Powell right in assuming that the “Windrush” generation would automatically cast aside the British identity and assert their own identity as superior.”

What actually happened was that the “Windrush” generation for the most part integrated and assimilated British values and the British identity, and so the fears that Enoch Powell was referring to were largely irrelevant. This however is not the case with the wave of Muslim immigration over the past forty years, where Muslims have been encouraged to keep their identity and culture separate, as part of the now discredited concept of multiculturalism.

Sargon of Akkad makes a very good case for the repeal of all “hate crime” laws in the wake of the fine imposed on Count Dankula and the charging, prosecuting and jailing of numerous patriots and their leaders which has been increasing exponentially over the past few years.

The video can be seen here, and apart from the first few minutes where the organisers are dealing with a faulty megaphone, this is an extremely well-presented and passionate speech that strikes the right note, and one that our political elites would do well to heed before it is too late and the window of opportunity for a peaceful resolution disappears under the tsunami of Muslim immigration that threatens to swamp us all.

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