UK Parliament asks mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists for a legal definition of something that doesn’t exist

 Baroness Warthog

All the UK Parliament had to do was to consult the working group who produced the ICLA report in 2013. Instead they are putting the foxes in charge of the hen-house by asking the most disreputable elements in society, including Tell Mama, MEND, the Muslim Council of Britain and Hope Not Soap to provide “a working definition of Islamophobia.”

From Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch:

“Parliament Offers ‘Islamist’ Group Opportunity to Create Official ‘Islamophobia’ Definition,” by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, April 24, 2018:

MPs are to write a report on identifying a “working definition of Islamophobia”, appealing to hard-line Islamist and far left, Soros-funded groups to contribute.

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims launched their “appeal for evidence” Monday, describing “Islamophobia” as a form of “group based hatred or hostility” comparable to racism.

Their letter does not acknowledge there might be rational reasons to have reservations about rising levels of radical Islam and the growing influence of Islam in the West generally.

The call for submissions also also only mentions free speech concerns at the end, in passing, describing them as “questions possibly outside the scope of this report”.

They aim to develop a definition of Islamophobia that can be “widely accepted by Muslim communities, political parties, and the Government”, the document adds.

Baroness Warsi, the parliamentary group’s treasurer and one of its four elected officers, tweeted: “To effectively challenge #Islamophobia we must comprehensively define it.”

She also sent the appeal for evidence directly to the radical left wing “anti-fascist” group HOPE Not Hate — who just last week were forced to distance themselves from an anti-Semitic supporter — and the Islamist-linked Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) group, formerly known as iENGAGE, inviting them both to contribute.

The APPG on British Muslims was launched in 2010 but was forced to re-launch the following year after a Tory MP and Labour Peer quit when “Islamist sympathisers” iENGAGE, which had repeatedly defended extremists, were made the group’s secretariat and given parliamentary passes.

report last year found MEND still promotes “extremism”, harbours anti-Semites, and gives a platform to Muslim grievance narratives and Islamist views, including promoting false claims of “Islamophobia”.

And, in the last two months, they have been slammed for “racist” attacks on a moderate a Muslim appointed to advise the government on integration and an outgoing Metropolitan Police chief compared them to a banned terror group.

Baroness Warsi also sent the appeal to the Muslim Council of Britain, which is accused of working with extremists. The government has also admitted they are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which campaigns for a global, Islamist, sharia state, and are banned as a terror group in some countries.

Tell Mama was likewise invited to give evidence in her tweet. They are an “anti-Islamophobia” group which lost government backing in 2013 after being accused of inflating and misrepresenting statistics….

If nefarious Muslim groups of this nature are allowed to decide what the legal definition of “Islamophobia” is or isn’t, then it will be the death knell of free speech in our society as criticism of Islam will be criminalised – and the oppressive, intolerant totalitarianism of Sharia will replace our hard-won freedoms.

Tim Burton

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