The Turks are irked: Non-existent “Islamophobia” is apparently on the rise in Europe

       An Irked Turk

All the Turkey-based Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) had to do was to consult the ICLA report on so-called “Islamophobia” of 2013, and they would have seen the error of their ways.

From Christine Douglass-Williams in Jihad Watch:

The Turkey-based Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) “has released its annual report on Islamophobia, covering more than 30 countries and giving several statistics and findings, the most important of which concerns Islamophobia.” SETA is known to be a supporter of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP Party. It also has offices in Washington, D.C. It asserts that “Islamophobia” is “undeniable” across Europe, that hatred of Islam and Muslims are on the rise, and that Muslims are the most attacked minority, etc.

Anti-Muslim bigotry is wrong, as is bigotry against people of any race or adherents of any creed. However, there is an insidious agenda at play in SETA’s report. It makes Europeans out to be phobic and hateful against Muslims for no apparent reason other than their creed. It diverts attention from the crimes that are being committed against innocent people in Europe by Muslims acting in the name of Islam. The word “Islamophobia” serves to beat down critics of Islam by smearing them as “racist.” It aims to set Islam above every other religion or ideology by shutting down criticism of it, in accordance with Sharia.

The best way to combat negative views about Islam is for Muslims to stand united and in large numbers against the crimes committed by Muslims in the name of Islam. A good opportunity to do this recently presented itself in France, when a group of 300 French politicians and artists demanded that prominent Muslim leaders denounce Islamic anti-Semitism and declare anti-Christian and anti-Jewish verses in the Quran outdated. This initiative stemmed from the increasingly violent anti-Semitism from Muslims in France, which prompted the President of the Confederation of Jews in France to declare that in a few decades, there will be no Jews left in France.

Not surprisingly, Muslim leaders did not take the opportunity. They instead responded with outrage, claiming that they felt targeted. They refused to sign the document.

If Muslims wish to live in peace in Europe without jihad or Sharia, they will give up employing the “Islamophobia” tactic and embrace the battle against all bigotry, beginning with the bigotry and intolerance that are justified by their own religion. It is not just a small minority that is violent in the name of Islam, as Islamic supremacists routinely insist: Israel’s very existence is under threat, Christians are being wiped out in the Middle East, Europe is falling increasingly into chaos, and in Sharia states, state-sanctioned violence against gays and apostates still exists. Other abuses, such as FGM, forced marriage, wife-beating and a legally inferior status of women are also sanctioned in Islamic law. All this does do not make for a “small minority.” Such Muslims do not want to change in order to live in peace with non-Muslims in Europe. They want the world to change to suit them.

Even Angela Merkel has admitted that anti-Semitism is coming to the country from “refugees or people of Arab origin.” But Muslim lobbies continue to be silent about the astronomical tally of victims of jihad and Sharia worldwide, and continue to call attention to supposed “Islamophobia,” a term that has been pushed heavily by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in an effort to advance Sharia blasphemy laws. The “Islamophobia” subterfuge creates a win-win situation for these lobbies. This is how the formula works:

As Muslims increase in numbers in Europe and Islamization advances, the higher the number of victims of jihad and Sharia rises. The greater the tally of victims, the angrier some non-Muslims become, and rightly so. Unfortunately, among these, there do exist genuine bigots, who must be opposed.) The more that Europeans express their anger about the advance of the jihadist culture in Europe, and about all the loss of life and ruined lives, the louder these Muslim lobbies shout about “Islamophobia.” It’s a symbiotic equation rooted in the goal of subjugating the House of War.

“Islamophobia is an undeniable social fact in Europe, report says”, by Yusuf Selman İnanç, Daily Sabah, April 8, 2018:

SETA has released its annual report on Islamophobia, covering more than 30 countries and giving several statistics and findings, the most important of which concerns Islamophobia

A recently released report from the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) on Islamophobia says that the Islamophobia is an undeniable fact in Europe. While European intellectual circles still discuss the question of whether Islamophobia exists or not and what it covers, the report says that the hatred of Islam and its followers is on the rise as explained through numbers and statistics in more than 30 countries. Compiled by Enes Bayraklı and Farid Hafez, the 729-page report, which can be found in full on SETA’s website, includes the European Islamophobia Report’s (EIR) country-based findings on Islamophobic crimes. The report, which considers the rise of far-right parties as a “vital threat to democracy,” says that the Islamophobia is on the rise in Europe as a result of right-wing politicians and parties coming in from the periphery. “Firstly, the far-right political camp has moved from the periphery to the center and become integral to the political landscape in Europe.

While most far-right parties are still in opposition, some have gained major influence by becoming governing parties such as in the cases of Austria, Bulgaria, and Finland. While others may still be in opposition, their Islamophobic discourse, which is so central to most of them, has become mainstream since their issues have been co-opted by former centrist political parties,” the report says. Even though far-right extremist parties are in the opposition, their anti-Muslim rhetoric has a considerable impact on shaping society, according to the report. It also says that far-right politicians from different countries are cooperating. “We also observe a stronger cooperation of various Islamophobic parties in Europe. For instance, the Czech Freedom and Direct Democracy Party (SPD) organized a meeting of representatives of its partners from the European Parliament in December 2017 in Prague. Politicians such as Geert Wilders (Dutch Freedom Party) and Marine Le Pen (Front National) were among some of the participants,” the report said.

Despite that similar reports are published by some agencies and survey companies, they are not as large as SETA’s and do not present the larger picture. Benefiting from other reports as well, the EIR employed more than 40 scholars and civil society activists from different backgrounds in several countries, including almost all EU countries. During the preparation for the EIR, the authors collaborated with other institutions and their representatives.

The EIR has some key findings that are quite remarkable and frightening for the future of Muslims in Europe, as a high number of individuals have been subjected to discrimination or hate speech. “As the report based on a survey of 10,527 people who identified themselves as Muslims published by the European Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) reveals 76% of Muslim respondents feel strongly attached to the country they live in, while 31% of those seeking work have been discriminated against in the last five years,” it says. The report also recorded that the number of reported cases is low. According to the report, the real number of attacks may be eight times higher than recorded, as Muslims are reluctant to go to the police due to several reasons, including that victims may not have knowledge of legal procedures in the country they live in, victims’ possible social isolation or proximity to the perpetrator, victims’ lack of trust in the authorities or victims fear of being victimized again by police officers. The report also says Islamophobia is not taken seriously and is not considered a hate crime in European societies. “The denial of the very existence of Islamophobia/anti-Muslim racism/anti-Muslim hate crime in Europe by many demonstrates the need for an appropriate effort and political will to tackle this normalized racism and its manifestations that are deeply entrenched in European societies, institutions, and states,” the report says. The report adds that European intellectuals consider that Islamophobia is a term created by Muslims to block any discussion on Islam. “In countries like Austria and Norway, leading journalists of editorial boards shift the focus from Islamophobia as a problem to Islamophobia as a ‘combat term,’ arguing that the term itself is used by Islamists to delegitimize any debate on Islam and Muslims. Hence, there is a reluctance to use the term ‘Islamophobia’ in the public sphere.”

Muslims in most of EU countries are the most discriminated and attacked minority…..

As the article above states, the best way to combat negative views about Islam is for Muslims to stand united and in large numbers against the crimes committed by other Muslims in the name of Islam. Unfortunately, as Israeli diplomat Abba Eban observed about Arabs, Muslim leaders never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, and as non-Muslims grow increasingly angry with every outrage committed by Muslims in the name of Islam, the calls by those very same Muslim leaders for criminalisation of so-called “Islamophobia” grow ever louder and more frequent.

Until such time as a majority of Muslims engage in a sufficient level of self-reflection and accept that there are valid reasons for hostility towards the oppressive, barbaric, totalitarian ideology of Islam that masquerades as a religion behind a cloak of mendacity and deceit towards non-Muslims – and take action accordingly – they should not be surprised when they are treated by the rest of us with mockery, scorn, ridicule, suspicion and contempt.

Tim Burton

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