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There’s nothing like a tattoo to make a statement to the world about who you are. Some people choose rose tattoos, butterflies or other offerings from the world of nature to show how much they are in tune with their environment or how much they appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

But for the committed counter-jihad warrior, nothing says it better than a hefty piece of firepower with your message to the world in English and Arabic – the better to “strike terror into the hearts of your enemies” as the Koran says in Chapter 8:60.

Not that we would want to strike terror into the hearts of our enemies – oh no, perish the thought. But who hasn’t wanted, at one time or another, to let those who would destroy our Judaeo-Christian civilisation know that we are quietly watching and waiting – and to let them know that they will rue the day that they overstep the line once too often.

These custom temporary tattoos are 8.5cm x 3.8cm in size, and are designed to last up to a week, depending on where on your body you affix them.

No sniggering at the back, please.

They are designed to be affixed to your shoulder, upper arm or forearm, or indeed on another other area on your body that you think may be advantageously exposed in order to make sure that your message is getting across. It takes a mere 10-15 seconds to apply the tattoo, and that’s it.

They are waterproof and made from the highest quality materials to ensure a pin-sharp image and for a longer-lasting effect.

Should you want to remove the tattoo from your skin before the week is up, a simple application of baby oil on a swab will remove it completely.

These tattoos are for sale on the Counter-Jihad Warrior website for £5.00 each or £20.00 per sheet of five tattoos, including P&P for deliveries within the UK. (Customers outside the UK please enquire prior to ordering.)

As a special offer, and while stocks last, a sheet of five tattoos will be included free of charge with every order of a brand-new, author-signed copy of Mohammed’s Koran that is purchased directly from this web page (that is to say, via the PayPal Donate button for my Legal Defence Fund rather than through the eBay link.)

Just donate £59.95 via the PayPal Donate button, specify that you are ordering the MK book and a sheet of five tattoos will be automatically included with your order.) P&P free within the UK, overseas customers please add £15.00 for one copy of the book.

Be the first of your friends to set the trend! Break the ice at sophisticated dinner parties! Instantly become the centre of conversation down at your local mosque!

Get your Infidel Rifle tattoos now- while stocks last!

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