May this go down as a pivotal point in the proud history of our beloved country – The Day For Freedom March – London 06 May 2018

   Milo Yiannopoulos

On Sunday 06 May 2018 I was privileged to be part of the Day For Freedom march and demonstration in Whitehall (London) outside the entrance to Downing Street. Many thousands of people marched from Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park to the main event in Downing Street, in support of our rapidly dwindling rights to Freedom of Speech in this country.

From my vantage point just outside the gates of Downing Street I had a perfect view of not only the main stage where the speeches were given, I could assess with about 80% accuracy (according to scientific studies on the matter) the strength of support for our Freedom of Speech. It was surprisingly large, and many of the speakers at the event commented on it.

Crowd counting (estimating the number of people in a crowd) is an inexact science, depending on whether people are packed tightly together (as in a mosh pit) or more loosely packed (elbow to elbow, as in a demonstration or rally of this type) however one can come up with an estimate of numbers which is accurate to around 80% – that is, within a 20% margin of error.

People from all walks of life, and a wide variety of races and ethnicities were represented at the event, together with groups such as the Football Lads Alliance, MBGA (Make Britain Great Again), the DFLA, Anne-Marie Waters’ For Britain, and Veterans Against Terrorism. But for the most part, these were just ordinary people who were fed up with the progressive loss of our freedoms over the past few decades, and who wished to stand up with the rest of us and say “No More!”

Mainstream media reports of the event were few and far between, with only the London Evening Standard, the Metro and the Guardian deigning the event worthy of interest. (I am discounting reports that appeared in the so-called “men’s magazine” GQ, various Russian TV outlets, and Horse and Hound ) which reported that there were two horses on duty outside Horse Guard’s Parade just up the road (and very well turned out they were too.)

Now, working on an estimate of 4.5 square feet per person, loosely packed elbow to elbow, and taking into account that an area of approximately 150 feet wide by 800 feet that I could see from my vantage position (120,000 square feet, the area of Whitehall in front of the stage that I estimate was packed with people for the duration of the event, it might have been more) then there would have been around 25,000 / 30,000 people present. (Some people have estimated that it could have been significantly more than that, but as I have said, crowd counting is not an exact science. It certainly wasn’t any less, irrespective of what the London Evening Standard, the Metro and The Guardian might have had to say about it.)

All this when the London football teams Arsenal and Chelsea were playing at home to Liverpool and Burnley, and other football matches were taking place up and down the country – otherwise I am sure that a large percentage of the football-supporting population of the country would have turned out and the numbers would have been at least twice as many as they were in the event.

Most of the mainstream media deliberately under-reported the size of the crowd, no doubt due to discourage other law-abiding people from thinking that this was an event of any significance.

The event was very professionally handled – the unwashed lefties of Hope Not Soap and so-called “anti-fascists” (by which I mean “Antifa” supporters, who ironically are the very epitome of fascism and intolerance) were kept at a safe distance by the police, and a high quality of audio was delivered by the PA sound system organised by Tommy Robinson (although this didn’t necessarily translate into high quality audio everywhere on the Internet.)

Liam Tuffs and VAT –

Milo Yiannopoulos –

Sargon of Akkad –

Count Dankula –

Lauren Southern –

Tommy Robinson –

Anne-Marie Waters –

Full Event – 2:10:28

There may well be other high quality audio recordings out there – I leave it to the ingenuity of my readers to search them out. It will be time well spent, as every single speaker had something moving, positive and passionate to deliver at the event. (If you can find them, please forward any good quality audio / video transcripts to me at so that I can disseminate and publish them on my website.)

I recommend that you listen to the speeches in their entirety – they were all delivered with a passion and an intensity that I have never encountered during all my years of attending counter-jihad / freedom of speech events.

My thoughts at the end of the day were – Maybe this IS a pivotal moment. Maybe we really DO have the ability – through large and ever-increasing numbers of patriots prepared to turn out en masse and to put their heads above the parapet – to deliver change. As much as I and many others would prefer peaceful change at the ballot box, it is becoming increasingly likely that this problem is NOT going to be solved by votes at the ballot box in the time we have available, and it is never going to go away of its own accord. Muslim demographics are increasing and will continue to increase – with all of the the accompanying problems that wreak havoc in our societies – unless firm and draconian measures are taken to deal with it – RIGHT NOW.

I particularly enjoyed Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech (Milo was banned from giving a presentation at his old school in England in 2016.) Other speakers included Anne-Marie Waters, Gavin McInnes, Gerard Batten (the leader of UKIP) Sargon of Akkad, Marcus Meechan (Count Dankula) and of course Tommy Robinson, who was on the verge of tears as he described the racist murder of three young men (Josh Kennedy, George Wilkinson and Harry Rice) covered up by the police, the Government and the mainstream media.

Why the cover-up? Because the police, the Government and the mainstream media did not want the fact that they were murdered by a Muslim – who brutally and callously mowed them down with his car because of who they were (non-Muslims) and not because of anything they might have done – the “powers that be” did not want this fact to become public knowledge.

Why protest for Freedom of Speech, you may ask? This event was absolutely necessary, given the clear and present dangers that we face as a result of the increasing Islamisation of our country. This event was necessary, not just simply because a number of prominent and vociferous “right-wing” conservative personalities had their Twitter and Facebook accounts suspended, but because Freedom of Speech is under attack everywhere in the West as Islam insinuates its tentacles into every aspect of our society.

This is not just “radical” or “fundamentalist” or “extremist” Islam – this is mainstream Islam, red in tooth and claw, and together with the twin evils of political correctness and multiculturalism, if they are left to their own devices they will endeavour use our tolerant, open democracy to criminalise any criticism of Islam, thereby removing our ability to effectively fight against Jihad and those who would impose barbaric Sharia laws upon us.

The supporters of this event were predictably labelled “racist”, “far-right” and “Islamophobic” by the mainstream media – terms which have no meaning when they are analysed critically and dispassionately – 1) Islam is not a race, 2) everything looks “far-right” when you are on the far-left, and 3) to quote Bare Naked Islam – there is no such thing as Islamophobia – it isn’t a phobia when they (radical Muslims) REALLY ARE trying to kill you.

For those of you out there who say – Islam is a Religion of Peace and that any criticism of such a Peaceful Religion is beyond the pale – I say wake up and smell the coffee.


Tim Burton

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Anne-Marie Waters’ For Britain party campaigns in Sandwell local elections

     Anne-Marie Waters

Normally I wouldn’t comment on local authority elections, but on Sunday 29 April I was privileged to attend a For Britain meeting in Sandwell, West Midlands. For Britain is a new political party in the UK led by Anne-Marie Waters, and is poised to deliver a powerful challenge to the established two-party system that has dominated politics in the UK for over half a century.

Anne-Marie was introduced to an audience of around 100 local people by Darryl Magher, one of three potential councillors for Sandwell, and wasted no time in projecting her vision for her new party, and why it was so important that a viable alternative to the existing political order should be introduced at this time.

As Anne-Marie explained, mainstream Labour and Conservative politicians at both the national and local level have become increasingly remote from – and dismissive of – their electorates. For these politicians, eye-watering six-figure salaries (four or five times the national average) together with gold-plated pensions are increasingly common, and at the same time, their accountability has decreased to the point where there is very little incentive for them to try to solve the many problems that affect the day-to-day life of people in their constituencies.

Anne-Marie gave numerous specific examples of the corrupt behaviour and incompetence of Labour and Conservative politicians over the last twenty or thirty years, and pointed out that if it had been their own children who were affected by their lack of action, their incompetence and their complacency, then their behaviour might have been very different. As things stand, there have been no serious consequences for those politicians, and in many cases the worst that has happened is that those politicians have been quietly moved to other jobs, with their salaries and pensions untouched, so that the appearance can be given that the problems that they have caused have been addressed.  Of course, from then on things are back to “business as usual.”

Anne-Marie’s party – For Britain – is targeting those voters who have become more and more disillusioned with the current two-party system, and perhaps more importantly, targeting the most disillusioned one-third of the electorate who have given up voting altogether, largely for the reasons given above.

Although it is admittedly unlikely that one-third of the electorate are suddenly going to vote For Britain at the next election, there are obvious “push” factors that will increasingly work in favour of For Britain.

As more and more decent, working-class and middle class Britons find themselves increasingly disenfranchised due to the inevitable (and manifestly deleterious) consequences of diversity, multiculturalism and political correctness, they will naturally be drawn to a party that offers a viable alternative without running the risk of being unjustly smeared as “racist”, “bigoted” and / or “Islamophobic.”

     For Britain (Logo)

To make this point, an ex-Muslim speaker was introduced – Mo Fyaz – who vividly described his journey towards enlightenment, having grown up in an oppressive Islamic environment. He described having to memorise large parts of the Koran, in Arabic, without even the slightest understanding of what the verses meant, other than that their recitation apparently pleased Allah. When in his early teenage years, he started to question Islam and the Koran, and was horrified by what he found concerning the hatred that Islam teaches towards the rest of humanity. Although he was discouraged by his parents, his friends and siblings, and of course his Islamic teachers, he embarked upon a journey of  investigation and discovery which culminated in his leaving Islam forever.

He gave numerous examples of how dangerous it was to leave the ideology of Islam, as even in our country, the UK, apostates were shunned by the rest of the Islamic community and not only faced ostracism but in some cases a very real risk of physical injury and death at the hands of members of their former co-religionists.

Although, perhaps like many of us in such a situation,  he appeared a little nervous while speaking in public, he described his enthusiasm at having found a political environment within For Britain that presented realistic solutions to some of the problems he had experienced. Consequently, he did a great job of reassuring the Sandwell audience (of many different races and ethnicities) that they had nothing to fear, nothing to lose and everything to gain from supporting the sensible leadership and well-thought-out policies of For Britain.

As with any other political party just starting out, potential voters need to have the policies of that party clearly explained to them, and For Britain is no exception. On their website, it is emphasised that For Britain stands for the Common Sense Majority, and their priorities are – 1) an efficient, meaningful exit from the EU following the Brexit vote, 2) restoration of the Rule of Law to ensure that there is one law for all, 3) an end to political indoctrination of our children within the educational system, 4) a dramatic reduction of immigration to restore stability in our communities, 5) bringing stability to the public sector including the police and armed forces, 6) the ending of the Islamisation of the UK and the abolition of sharia councils, 7) the protection of British culture in the public space, 8) Freedom of Speech and 9) putting the interests of British people first, rather than interests of immigrants and so-called “refugees” who in many if not most cases are simply economic migrants.

Anne Marie took some questions from the audience in a spirited Q&A discussion, and made the point that political events are rapidly moving in a direction where more and more decent people become disenfranchised and thereby find themselves having nothing left to lose. It stands to reason that a political party like For Britain with integrity, good leadership and a well-thought-out set of policies is perfectly positioned to pick up millions of votes and give the Establishment a well-deserved kick in the Fizzys whilst at the same time restoring a sensible and stable political environment.

For that reason, and for all the other reasons listed above, even though this was the first For Britain political meeting I have attended, I would advise all my readers to seriously consider becoming members of For Britain, to vote for them wherever possible, and to donate whatever you can to the cause of restoring much-needed sanity to the political arena in  our beloved country.

The For Britain website can be found here.

Tim Burton


Football Lads Alliance Demonstration in Birmingham – 24 March 2018

   Anne Marie Waters

I recently had the privilege of attending the Football Lads Alliance demonstration in Birmingham where several distinguished speakers were present, including Anne Marie Waters of the political party “For Britain”.

The event attracted around 5000 people and went off completely peacefully, despite the best efforts of a small group of so-called “Anti-Fascists” to disrupt proceedings by shouting and screaming obscenities.

There was a very impassioned speech by a young activist called Alena who was representing the 120dB movement from Germany. She spoke of the fear, violence, intimidation and terror that “Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem” has brought to Germany including an epidemic of sexual assault, rape and murder that the German authorities seem to have no idea how to contain. She described in great detail from first hand experience the detrimental effect that large numbers of barbaric, rape-addicted savages can have on a formerly civilised country. You can watch and listen to Alena’s speech here.

The speech by Anne Marie Waters was also very powerful and her main message was that we are at a crossroads. We can either submit to Islam or Sharia or we can fight back and regain control of our country. The future of Britain is in the hands of all of us , she said- we have the power to vote these weasels and mountebanks out of power and restore sanity to Great Britain. She also made the very good point that it is not enough for us to leave the EU via Brexit – the entire rotten structure of the EU needs to be dismantled, lock ,stock and barrel, if we are to stop its increasing totalitarian tendencies from ruining the lives of hundreds of millions of civilised people. You can watch and listen to Anne Marie’s speech here.

There was also a speech from Luke Nash-Jones of Make Britain Great Again.

The speeches were followed by a march into Birmingham City Centre, which also went off completely peacefully. There was a very heavy police presence, but the atmosphere was completely non-threatening and there were no arrests during either the demonstration or the march.

Interestingly, the local and national mainstream media deigned to report on the march, which was a completely different situation from the almost complete media blackout imposed on the previous Football Lads Alliance marches in London, although the emphasis (as might be expected) was on trying to paint the participants as racist, bigoted and undeserving of any sympathy.

The overall impression was that we are seeing a long-overdue start of a movement comprising large numbers of peaceful non-Muslims who are just waking up to the threat of Islam in this country. Given that Muslims are increasing their number in the civilised world day by day, and given that the anti-social, the criminal and the terrorist tendencies of a significant proportion of their community are unlikely to improve of their own accord – that is to say, as the problems caused by the political ideology of Islam are not going to go away anytime soon – the likelihood is that more and more non-Muslims will continue to awaken and to become more vocal in their opposition to what is happening to their country.

One of the best the best memories I have was of a banner that read ‘I’m here so that I can tell my children that I did not stay silent’. I hope that there will be many more such banners at many more such marches in the future, and that together we will eventually be successful in stopping and reversing the catastrophic effects of Islamisation not only in this country, but throughout the entire Western world.

As I have said many times before, we owe it to our children and grandchildren not to squander their inheritance – of what is arguably the best civilisation ever devised by mankind – by allowing its destruction by a barbaric, misogynistic, totalitarian seventh-century political ideology.

Tim Burton