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Much as I like appealing images of wildlife, especially the cuddly-looking tiger above that has adorned our header page over the last six months, it is my opinion that the time has come to be far more assertive concerning our values, morals, traditions and ethics, and so I am incorporating the modified St George’s Flag image (previously used on the tee-up for the Five Minutes to Midnight radio show) – together with my social media profile logo – into the website header page.

The last four decades or thereabouts have seen a relentless assault on our tolerant (some might say overly tolerant) and democratic way of life, and the pressure has been building rapidly, if not exponentially, over the past twelve months. Patriots have been slandered, demonised and in some cases jailed for standing up and stating the obvious; that the presence of Islam is simply incompatible with a civilised, democratic society. It’s not just me saying this; the EU itself said as much in 2003.

The increasingly authoritarian concepts of multiculturalism and political correctness, combined with globalisation and Islamisation, not to mention the ambitions of white genocide dressed up as “diversity”, have prompted me to say, as many others have said already – “No more!”

I yield to no-one in my enthusiasm for individual freedoms, including the freedoms of speech, expression and thought. I think that everyone should aspire to live together in a spirit of tolerance and acceptance. But where you have one clearly identifiable group in society, the majority of whom follow a totalitarian ideology, and who obviously do not accept our Judaeo-Christian values, morals, traditions and ethics that have underpinned our society for two thousand years – and where that group is being protected by those in authority at the expense of everyone else – it is incumbent upon us to stand up and forcefully assert that our values, morals, traditions and ethics are not just better, but vastly superior to anything that the barbaric, political totalitarian ideology of Islam is ever likely to produce.

This is OUR culture, OUR history, OUR heritage, and OUR country, handed down to us by our forefathers and ancestors for us to keep in trust for our children and grandchildren. We have a responsibility to fight against those who would take it away from us and turn it into a third-world Islamic hell-hole where human rights are non-existent (except for Muslim males.)

This is not a call to violence; I would far rather that change came about through the ballot box. But the Left-Wing in this country have such a tight stranglehold on all the major state institutions, in the areas of national and local politics, the police, judiciary and educational authorities, that it is difficult to see how peaceful revolution may be achieved in the time that we have left before Muslim demographics overtake us.

The Left-Wing abuse their dominant position in these institutions by attempting to suppress free speech in the overtly fascist manner of Hitler’s Brownshirts in the 1930’s. They are aided not only by Muslims, who (of course) wish to suppress all criticism of Islam, but also by organisations such as Hope Not Hate, who have allied themselves with violent so-called “Antifa” thugs to target individual conservative speakers – and the venues at which those speakers would otherwise peacefully express their views.

As John F Kennedy is reported to have said – “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” Our politicians have sown the wind by allowing a tsunami of mass Muslim immigration; it is increasingly likely that they will reap the whirlwind in the form of civil war in our country within a generation as the increasing population of Muslims reaches a tipping point – at which juncture they will inevitably try to take over. Again, this is not just my opinion – this is a pattern that has been repeated over 1400 years in every country whose leaders have been foolish enough to allow in large numbers of bellicose Mohammedans.

So this change of header image is a declaration of assertiveness in support of our values, morals, traditions and ethics, and in support of our culture, our history, our heritage and our country. I hope that you will rally behind this declaration of assertiveness and spread the word amongst your friends, family and work colleagues. We will not, and must not allow the destruction of everything that we hold dear just because some Muslims might become “offended” – or because some “safe-space” Left-Wing snowflakes cannot tolerate any speech that deviates from the prevailing Left-Wing orthodoxy.

Messages and gestures of support would be most welcome – on the other hand, if anyone prefers the cuddly-looking tiger, or wants to use the image on their own website, then please feel free to do so.

Tim Burton

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