The Crusades – What our children are NOT being taught in schools, and why it is important

Many people don’t know that the Crusades were NOT the result of warmongering European Christians suddenly deciding that they wanted to invade foreign lands and kill lots of innocent Muslims. This is because the historical narrative has been systematically hijacked by the Left and its stranglehold over academia – whereby only the politically correct versions of the story are allowed to be taught.

Dr Duke Pesta and Stefan Molyneux have a most illuminating discussion here, concerning the importance of the historical narrative in determining our place in the world, and why our children are being taught to regard Western Judaeo-Christian civilisation as inherently evil when in fact it is arguably the best development in the history of mankind – bar none.

This is compulsive viewing for everyone passionate about the defence of freedom, and is well worth seventy-five minutes of your time. (Hat tip – Kel Fritzi of Red Fox Blog Talk Radio.)

Tim Burton