So who was really responsible for the “radicalisation” of Darren Osborne?

    Man with a van

On Friday 02 February, Darren Osborne was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court to a minimum term of 43 years for murder and attempted murder by driving a hired van into a group of Muslims as they were gathered on the street by the notorious Finsbury Park Mosque in London.

During the trial, the Crown Prosecution Service and the mainstream media – including the BBC – went out of their way to smear Tommy Robinson (the former EDL leader and now a respected journalist for The Rebel Media) as having been responsible for “radicalising” or “brainwashing” Darren Osborne to commit violence against Muslims, when in fact the truth was completely different.

The BBC completely refused to admit the possibility that their own programs and documentaries, including the harrowing documentary “Three Girls” which dwelt on the phenomenon of Islamic grooming gangs, could have played a part in Darren Osborne’s “radicalisation”, perhaps an unusual position to take when Darren Osborne emphasised in court that this particular documentary had in fact affected him greatly and had played a significant part in his subsequently murderous actions.

The judge in the trial opined that Darren Osborne’s actions amounted to terrorism, which no doubt contributed to the severity of the sentence, but no account was taken of the fact that a very toxic environment has been created by the media, our social services, our police forces and our political elites who have repeatedly turned a blind eye to the extraordinarily bad behaviour of all too many Muslims in our society, which taken as a whole, constitutes an existential threat to national security – and, if it remains unaddressed, will ultimately lead to the destruction not only of our own society but also of our entire Judaeo-Christian civilisation through our tolerance of the intolerant.

This “extraordinarily bad behaviour”, to put it mildly, involves numerous instances of violence, sexual assault, intimidation, and multiple terror attacks from the followers of the most intolerant totalitarian ideology on the planet. It is obvious to even the most untrained eye that there is a problem with Islam – and a significant proportion of Muslims – that is not being addressed by those people with whom we have a social / societal contract to keep us safe and secure in exchange for our paying taxes.

Given this toxic environment, where the situation is getting worse every week and nothing is being done about it, is it so surprising that somebody, somewhere will decide that they have nothing left to lose, and lash out in the murderous way that Darren Osborne did? I am not condoning his actions in any way, in fact I consider his actions to be entirely counter-productive insofar as they give ammunition to those who would perpetuate the myth of “far-right extremism.” But the primary responsibility lies with those who created the toxic environment in the first place.

They do say that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, but my personal view is that Darren Osborne does not fall into either of these categories. A terrorist / freedom fighter does what he does, slaughtering innocent people and treating them as justifiable collateral damage, as long as he is in pursuit of a political or religious goal such as the overthrow of the existing social order, but what Darren Osborne did could be much better described as vigilantism, where someone takes the law into their own hands out of desperation because those in authority who should be keeping us safe have abdicated their responsibilities.

The shameful attempts to shift the blame onto Tommy Robinson and so-called “far-right extremists” – who are for the most part no more than concerned citizens and patriots who are alarmed by the whitewashing of our mainstream media and the inaction of our police forces, social services and political elites – simply show how desperate the forces of political correctness and multiculturalism are becoming in the face of increasing awareness by the rest of us of the dangers resulting from the unrestricted proliferation of this intolerant and totalitarian political ideology.

As Ayn Rand once said – “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” The chickens are coming home to roost.

Tim Burton