Canaries in the Coalmine – French Edition – Has Macron bitten off more than he can chew?

 Ever the optimist

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, has finally decided that the presence of a “restive” Islamic community in France is worthy of his attention. In a move that betrays his woeful misunderstanding of the problem at hand, he has announced that he intends to “re-organise” Islam in France so that it is “better aligned” with the French state. After all, French law must remain supreme, and anyone who promotes Sharia Law as being somehow superior must be someone who misunderstands Islam, right?

Well, as the famous Chinese General Sun Tzu might have said – “Good luck with that, sonny.”

The problem – of course – is that Islam is an ideology that encourages its followers to pay scant regard to the man-made secular laws of the land where Muslims may happen to reside. Of course, when Muslims are in the minority, they pay lip service to the demands of the state; however when through an increase of demographics they become a significant presence (not necessarily a majority) they become progressively more vocal in their pursuit of Sharia Law as a means of governance – and they are not afraid to use violence in the pursuit of their objectives.

It is therefore hardly surprising that Emmanuel Macron’s proposed reforms have met with a certain amount of opposition. Muslim spokesmen and “community leaders” in France have denounced any attempt to curb the expansion of Islam as “racist”, “bigoted” and “Islamophobic” (hmm, where have I heard that before…)

This is important because France is one of the Canaries in the Coalmine when it comes to predicting what will happen in the UK over the next couple of decades or thereabouts. Islam brooks no opposition – it is either Islam’s way or the highway – and there is no tolerance, no compromise, no negotiation to be had when it comes to whether other religions, cultures or ways of life. None of these can co-exist with Islam. Quite simply, if we tolerate the intolerance of Islam, the inevitable conclusion will be that we will eventually cease to exist as a civilisation.

Already we are starting to see the breakdown of France as a civilised society. Quite apart from the hundreds of people who have been killed by Muslims in the name of Islam over the past four or five years, the rampant and virulent Muslim anti-Semitism – a natural consequence of allowing a large number of Muslims into a civilised country – has resulted in the exodus of at least 20 per cent of the Jewish population. This is a trend which is accelerating rapidly and which is replicated in every Western country where Muslims have been allowed to proliferate.

We are now at the point – not only within France, but within large parts of Western Europe – where the only possible realistic response is to  belatedly acknowledge that we have among us a large number of hostile aliens, adherents of an ideology whose avowed purpose is to destroy Western civilisation. We then have to take the appropriate action – by which I mean action appropriate for a nation to defend itself in times of war.  For make no mistake, this is a war – a war not of our own making – but a war declared on us by an implacable ideology that demands our submission, and it requires a suitably robust response on behalf of the state. With the honourable exceptions of politicians such as Geert Wilders of the Netherlands and Paul Weston of the United Kingdom, it remains to be seen whether there is anyone currently in power who can demonstrate the courage required to take the aforesaid appropriate action within the window of opportunity left open to us before we are swamped by the tsunami of Muslim demographics.

Tim Burton