Appeal Against Unjust Conviction – Latest Update – 24th January 2018

  Justice, allegedly

We are continuing our fight for justice through the appeals process – and of course we are harrying the Royal Courts of Justice for progress on my Application to Punish Dr. Matthew Wilkinson for Contempt of Court.

(For those of you who may be unfamiliar with my case, I refer you to the excellent account given on the Fahrenheit 211 website.)

Through numerous telephone calls and emails, we have ascertained that the Application is indeed being considered, and as it has not as yet been dismissed out of hand, my barrister is cautiously optimistic that we will be able to reach a favourable conclusion in due course. At this stage it is not possible to say more, but I will let you know as soon as we have any further news.

In the meantime I am working on various projects, including the book of my experiences at the hands of the British legal system “Pigeon on the Wing”, and hope to publish the first few chapters on my website in the very near future, so please check the website regularly for updates.

    I couldn’t put it down

I have also been keeping a close eye on developments within the world of Islam that affect our democratic Western societies – and I intend to publish regular articles on the website (such as this one from last week) as well as bringing you the latest news on Muslims behaving badly in my radio program “Five Minutes to Midnight” which airs every Thursday evening on the Global Patriot Radio network.

Those of you who have been listening in to the radio program will have noticed that I have been unable to host the show myself over the last few weeks due to illness, but I owe a great debt of gratitude to Kel Fritzi, the beautiful Red Fox from Red Fox Blog Talk Radio in Canada, who has been making sure that regular listeners are kept well apprised of events. Kel also has her own show on Global Patriot Radio with “Infidels are Watching” on Tuesday evenings, where she often has some wonderfully erudite guest speakers – so please tune in if you can.

In addition, I have been asked to participate in a project to bring the film “Killing Europe” to audiences here in the UK. What we are looking to do is to arrange a series of suitable venues, preferably in the West Midlands to start with, but eventually throughout the UK, where we can invite the general public to see what is really happening with the Islamic invasion of Europe.

We have a lot of details to finalise, including the funding of a robust security presence as you might imagine, but if Tommy Robinson can pull off a similar program in Manchester, as he did last November, then surely so can we. Tommy Robinson’s event went off without any serious incidents (apart from the name-calling from the usual suspects in the so-called “Anti-Fascist brigade”) and he was able to live-stream and broadcast video from a mobile projection unit to almost 2,000 people in a peaceful and good-humoured atmosphere.

More details will be provided as developments continue to unfold. If in the meantime you are able to contribute further to my Legal Defence Fund in order that I may continue to bring the greatest possible pressure to bear on the British legal system, then it would be much appreciated. I hate having to ask, but it would seem that the pack of weasels that comprise the other side have a limitless amount of time, money and resources at their disposal, whereas unfortunately we do not.

On the other hand, we do have truth on our side – and we also have a great deal of dogged persistence, so I do hope that you will be able to help us continue this fight – and eventually, thanks to your your support, we will strike a long-overdue blow for patriots and freedom-lovers everywhere.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Timothy M Burton

( Tim the Counter Jihad Warrior – )

Five Minutes to Midnight on Global Patriot Radio – Thursday 04 January 2018

Check out this awesome program – a discussion of Islamisation in Britain during 2017 (hat tip Soeren Kern of the Gatestone institute), an interesting perspective on Anti-Sharia strategy (hat tip Keith Thomas of EDL Media), our usual weekly round-up of Muslims behaving badly and some criticism of Cressida Dick (no, it’s not as some have suggested, a special order in a gay bar, she is the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in London), and she has capitulated to the politically correct trend of appeasing Islam and Muslims when it comes to the disgusting epidemic of Islamic rape gangs.

Tim the Counter Jihad Warrior is ably assisted by the beautiful Kel Fritzi, the Red Fox Blogger of Infidels Are Watching – and of course his (Tim’s) porcine sidekick – Muhammad the Lucky Pig, who is taking time off from leafing through his copy of the Koran in order to act as page-turner and general factotum on the show.

Tim Burton