Five Minutes to Midnight – The Counter Jihad Warrior Radio Show – 15 March 2018

      Be there or be square

The latest Counter Jihad Warrior Radio Show – Five Minutes to Midnight – from 15 March 2018 is available now to listen in archive. Don’t miss it.

It includes an audio reading from my new book – Pigeon on the Wing.

Pigeon on the Wing – Chapter 1 – Judgment Day.

Tim Burton (with acknowledgements to Kel Fritzi – the beautiful Red Fox from Red Fox RFB Radio and Infidels are Watching on Global Patriot Radio)

Pat Condell hits the nail on the head again – Progressive Utopia

      Pat Condell gets it

Every now and again one comes across a video that perfectly sums up what we are up against. This is one such video, from Pat Condell. You will note that I have replaced the YouTube domain with a new domain called HookTube, which is designed to mitigate the effects of social media censorship by transferring the video to an independent domain.

Try it yourselves with any controversial video that you think may be in danger of being removed from YouTube – given the increasingly totalitarian environment in which we now find ourselves.

And please watch this video – it is most certainly worth four minutes of your time.

Here is the transcription of the video (in English):

Pat Condell’s words in italics:

If you’re wondering why the society you’ve lived in all your life feels as if it’s being pulled from under you like a rug, it’s because while you weren’t paying attention, your wholesome values were quietly reclassified as ugly prejudices and now you are the problem.

You believe in free speech? No, you believe in hate speech, and now you’re a criminal. You like democratic sovereignty, then you’re a xenophobe and a fascist, no platform for you. You want a secular society, you Islamophobic racist? You’re spreading hate, and you’d better be using the right pronoun too, if you don’t want to be excluded for the sake of inclusion.

In short, there’s no place for your kind in the bright new tomorrow we’re building. Now that the minds of an entire generation have been thoroughly rinsed through a progressive education that hates Western culture and everything it stands for, and everything that you hold dear, there’s been a climate change that you didn’t see coming.

The climate has changed against you and your privilege, and without wishing to put too fine a point on it, your presence is no longer required.

The best way to destroy the foundations of a society is to teach its young people not to respect them, and a whole generation has been successfully taught not to value free speech, the very cornerstone of our civilisation, but to hold it in contempt, to fear it, to run from it, to seek refuge from ideas in emotional safe spaces, and to believe that hurting somebody’s feelings is a form of assault on a par with cracking their skull.

This tyranny of feelings has been carefully nurtured, to breed this infantile generation of emotional casualties, victims and cry-babies, this generation of moral and political halfwits, who can’t wit to sign the next petition to shut somebody up or shut somebody down, never thinking for a moment that it could ever happen to them, a generation so placidly happy to saw off the branch they’re sitting on, it’s almost as if they’ve been programmed in some way.

So if you think you’ve got the truth on your side, you don’t know what you’re up against. The truth is incorrect and therefore inadmissible. If you think you’ve got the law on your side, forget it – the law protects feelings now, but not your feelings.

Your feelings are hate.

Well, what about your rights of free expression under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, you ask, optimistically? Nice try, but we both know that in the real world human rights don’t apply to the wrong opinions. Are you crazy? You need to understand that when breeding the perfect captive society of self-policing petty censors, you can’t afford to let somebody just come along and undermine it with a rational argument.

So feelings outrank rational argument now, you probably noticed that when you were banned from social media, and rational argument when it hurts somebody’s feelings is – you’ve guessed it – hate.

You see, progressive moral righteousness can make up these rules as it goes along, because it’s got itself on its side, so really you can’t win. They won’t even listen to your arguments as they beat you down with their phony buzz-words. It’s not about arguments or ideas anymore – that debate is illegitimate. It’s about you being a racist monster, causing division and spreading hate, and it’s about dangerous, fascist throwbacks like you, being aggressively purged from our society like a cancer.

Just so you know what you’re dealing with here. Welcome to Progressive Utopia.

Tim Burton (with acknowledgements to Gareth Roberts for introducing me to HookTube)

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