Muslim Council of Britain (and Tell Mama UK) whinge to British Army top brass over Tommy Robinson selfie with soldiers

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Friday 12 October 2018 – With nothing better to do than to agitate for yet more appeasement of the Muslim community in the United Kingdom, the Muslim Council of Britain (and Tell Mama UK) have complained to senior British Army officers over the fact that some of their soldiers were photographed with Tommy Robinson at a motorway service station recently.

The self-appointed spokespeople for “the religion of the perpetually offended” apparently went into turbo-whinge-and-whine mode with yet another grievance to add to the ever growing list of What Muslims Are Unhappy About. This – of course  – is only to be expected from this bunch of professional grievance mongers who take every opportunity to promote the cause of the barbaric ideology of Islam over the wishes and considerations of the rest of the British population.

What is unforgivable in this case, though, is the fact that the aforesaid senior British Army officers, instead of telling the self-important panjandrums of the Muslim Council of Britain and Tell Mama UK to take a hike and to stop being so bloody stupid, have instigated disciplinary proceedings against the soldiers and have reportedly dismissed one soldier from the Army as a result.

One of the more senior Ruperts – Major General Rupert Jones, who will shortly take up the appointment of Standing Joint Force Commander, said: “The British Army is absolutely clear that we do not tolerate extremist views and we don’t tolerate extremist behaviour.”

Oh really?

So being patriotic, standing up for your country and supporting British soldiers in the face of unremitting global hostility from the so-called “religion of peace” is now considered extremist behaviour, is it? I am reminded of the words of Rudyard Kipling’s 1890 poem, Tommy:-

For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Chuck him out, the brute!”But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country,” when the guns begin to shoot;

As for “extremist views”, I don’t recall anyone mentioning anything about extremist views when the mealy-mouthed war-mongering traitor Tony Blair was photographed with soldiers of the British Army in Iraq and Afghanistan less than twenty years ago. Arguably the former Labour Prime Minister did more damage to this country with his extremist views than any Prime Minister before or since, and certainly a thousand times worse in terms of endangering national security and reducing the quality of life of British citizens than anything Tommy Robinson might have said or done.

     Warmonger / Traitor

A petition is being organised by The Rebel Media to protest against the unfair treatment and double standards applied to British soldiers for simply choosing to stand and smile for a photograph with Tommy Robinson. The time is coming when we will have every reason to support our lads in the fight against the totalitarian ideology of Islam – an ideology that would convert, enslave or kill every free person not only in this country, but also throughout the world.

Please sign the petition and support our lads in the face of this unwarranted political correctness.

Latest update from Ezra Levant of The Rebel Media – well worth watching if you have an hour to spare – includes a recruitment video from the British Army about 18-20 minutes in, a recruitment video which probably goes a long way to explaining why the British Army is having so much difficulty in recruiting and retaining patriotic soldiers and service personnel.


Tim Burton

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Make Britain Great Again – March Against Child Abuse in Telford – Saturday 21 April 2018

   MBGA in Telford

Yesterday I was privileged to join the March against Child Abuse in Telford, Shropshire. The march was organised by Make Britain Great Again (MBGA), and we met outside the local council offices at Darby House to protest about the systematic rape and grooming epidemic in Telford, which as we are now finding, has been going on and getting worse for decades, and about which very little has been done by either the Telford police or the local authorities including the council and social services.

The scale of this rape and grooming epidemic looks to overtake even the scandalous events in Rotherham and Rochdale, where over a thousand young girls were systematically abused by predatory Muslim gangs. Since this hit the headlines back in 2014, when the book Easy Meat was published by Peter McLoughlin, similar patterns involving rape and grooming gangs have been uncovered in every town and city where there is a substantial population of Muslims.

The most common argument is that “well, white men abuse and rape children too,” which is true enough as far as it goes, but only in Islam is divine sanction given to the practice of abusing and raping under-age children, especially those who are non-Muslim. This is because of the passages in the Islamic texts that describe the Islamic Prophet Muhammad taking a six-year-old girl, Aisha, for his wife, and consummating the marriage when she was nine years old and he was fifty-four years old.

Muslims look on the Islamic Prophet Muhammad as the perfect example for mankind – “Al-Insan al-Kamil”, and this means that if Muhammad did it, then it is good enough for every Muslim for all time. Some Muslims try to argue that the practice of marrying young children was the norm in many cultures around that time, which may be true, but the point is that today, in Britain, the age of consent is sixteen years old, and anyone who has sexual relations with a child under that age is breaking the law.

The police have been arguing that when they find a Muslim, or a group of Muslims with an obviously underage girl, perhaps under the influence of drink and / or drugs, perhaps in a state of undress in the bedroom of a house raided by the police, more often than not they will say that she appeared to be consenting to sex and therefore no action will be taken against those Muslims. To say the very least, this sends out the wrong message.

If she is obviously under the age of consent, it should be treated as the serious criminal offence that it is, and those Muslims should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and arguments about whether it is permissible in their culture or their so-called religion should not be allowed to take priority. As things stand, in most cases the police are reluctant to take any action because of the risk of being labelled as “racist” or “Islamophobic.”

Back in September 2016, I was part of a delegation of patriots meeting with Superintendent Tom Hardy at Telford police station. We had assembled a dossier of information which explained clearly that the rape and grooming epidemic was not just a random spike of criminality committed by random criminals, but part of a pattern based on predatory Muslim gangs who were doing what they were doing because it had divine sanction in Islam.

We formally handed over the dossier to Telford police in the expectation that it would be studied and that it would form the basis of the appropriate, robust action needed to stop the epidemic in its tracks. Good luck with that, I hear you say, and you would be right. Judging by the complete lack of any meaningful change in the observable behaviour of Telford police over the following 18 months, the dossier had obviously been filed under W – for the waste-paper basket.

Furthermore, we made it clear that if the police and local authorities continued to treat the problem as one of random criminality, then the problem would get worse year on year as the Muslim demographic continued to grow. Fast forward eighteen months to the present day, and –  surprise, surprise, this is exactly the situation that we foresaw back in 2016.

The primary speakers at the event on Saturday 21 April, Luke Nash-Jones and Martin Costello, gave well-argued and passionate speeches denouncing the lack of action taken by the police in such situations. They emphasised the evils of the culture of political correctness and multiculturalism that had effectively paralysed the ability of police to tackle the grooming gangs not only in Telford but also throughout the country, and they were particularly scathing about Superintendent Tom Hardy, who had been quoted as saying “the problem of under-age grooming in Telford is no worse than in other parts of the country.”

What, and that makes it all right, does it? Whatever happened to enforcing the law, robustly and without fear or favour? There is an argument to be made that the police are failing an entire generation of children with their inaction, allowing a campaign of systematic sexual abuse to blight the lives of thousands – perhaps hundreds of thousands – of vulnerable young girls, many of whom are then fobbed off when they try to report those crimes to the police. In some cases the girls themselves are subject to prosecution.

Worse than that, when patriots like ourselves have attempted to highlight the problems caused by Islam, and have attempted to organise ourselves in order to initiate discussions which would enable informed criticism of Islam to take place in public, we have been systematically hounded to the point where our leaders have been attacked, charged, prosecuted and jailed.

Looking on the bright side, the event was attended by a couple of recently elected Telford councillors who took it in turn to describe their concern over the levels of child abuse in the town. The very fact that we are now able to persuade some of the newly elected councillors to join our patriotic cause and to speak on our behalf does give us all some hope for the future.

A very strong message was sent out by MBGA that if the police, the local authorities, and ultimately the government continued to ignore these extremely serious problems, and failed to deal with them effectively, then there would come a time in the not too distant future when a tipping point would be reached, and the ability to reach a peaceful resolution would be taken out of our hands.

We only had a few hundred people at the rally in Telford on Saturday, but I would urge every person of goodwill, that is to say every non-Muslim, to support MBGA at every opportunity, to turn out at future rallies in their tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, and to help Make Britain Great Again by forcing change in the political environment that continues to allow the systematic rape and abuse of our vulnerable young children by gangs of predatory Muslim paedophiles.

Of course, I have no intention of implying that all Muslims are incapable of goodwill towards non-Muslims. What I would say is – actions speak louder than words – and Muslims should seriously consider the implications of their actions – or of the actions of others in their community.

Tim Burton



New header image for

    Better or worse?

Much as I like appealing images of wildlife, especially the cuddly-looking tiger above that has adorned our header page over the last six months, it is my opinion that the time has come to be far more assertive concerning our values, morals, traditions and ethics, and so I am incorporating the modified St George’s Flag image (previously used on the tee-up for the Five Minutes to Midnight radio show) – together with my social media profile logo – into the website header page.

The last four decades or thereabouts have seen a relentless assault on our tolerant (some might say overly tolerant) and democratic way of life, and the pressure has been building rapidly, if not exponentially, over the past twelve months. Patriots have been slandered, demonised and in some cases jailed for standing up and stating the obvious; that the presence of Islam is simply incompatible with a civilised, democratic society. It’s not just me saying this; the EU itself said as much in 2003.

The increasingly authoritarian concepts of multiculturalism and political correctness, combined with globalisation and Islamisation, not to mention the ambitions of white genocide dressed up as “diversity”, have prompted me to say, as many others have said already – “No more!”

I yield to no-one in my enthusiasm for individual freedoms, including the freedoms of speech, expression and thought. I think that everyone should aspire to live together in a spirit of tolerance and acceptance. But where you have one clearly identifiable group in society, the majority of whom follow a totalitarian ideology, and who obviously do not accept our Judaeo-Christian values, morals, traditions and ethics that have underpinned our society for two thousand years – and where that group is being protected by those in authority at the expense of everyone else – it is incumbent upon us to stand up and forcefully assert that our values, morals, traditions and ethics are not just better, but vastly superior to anything that the barbaric, political totalitarian ideology of Islam is ever likely to produce.

This is OUR culture, OUR history, OUR heritage, and OUR country, handed down to us by our forefathers and ancestors for us to keep in trust for our children and grandchildren. We have a responsibility to fight against those who would take it away from us and turn it into a third-world Islamic hell-hole where human rights are non-existent (except for Muslim males.)

This is not a call to violence; I would far rather that change came about through the ballot box. But the Left-Wing in this country have such a tight stranglehold on all the major state institutions, in the areas of national and local politics, the police, judiciary and educational authorities, that it is difficult to see how peaceful revolution may be achieved in the time that we have left before Muslim demographics overtake us.

The Left-Wing abuse their dominant position in these institutions by attempting to suppress free speech in the overtly fascist manner of Hitler’s Brownshirts in the 1930’s. They are aided not only by Muslims, who (of course) wish to suppress all criticism of Islam, but also by organisations such as Hope Not Hate, who have allied themselves with violent so-called “Antifa” thugs to target individual conservative speakers – and the venues at which those speakers would otherwise peacefully express their views.

As John F Kennedy is reported to have said – “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” Our politicians have sown the wind by allowing a tsunami of mass Muslim immigration; it is increasingly likely that they will reap the whirlwind in the form of civil war in our country within a generation as the increasing population of Muslims reaches a tipping point – at which juncture they will inevitably try to take over. Again, this is not just my opinion – this is a pattern that has been repeated over 1400 years in every country whose leaders have been foolish enough to allow in large numbers of bellicose Mohammedans.

So this change of header image is a declaration of assertiveness in support of our values, morals, traditions and ethics, and in support of our culture, our history, our heritage and our country. I hope that you will rally behind this declaration of assertiveness and spread the word amongst your friends, family and work colleagues. We will not, and must not allow the destruction of everything that we hold dear just because some Muslims might become “offended” – or because some “safe-space” Left-Wing snowflakes cannot tolerate any speech that deviates from the prevailing Left-Wing orthodoxy.

Messages and gestures of support would be most welcome – on the other hand, if anyone prefers the cuddly-looking tiger, or wants to use the image on their own website, then please feel free to do so.

Tim Burton

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The Twin Evils of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism

This essay was originally published on the Brenner Brief website in May 2014, and I thought that I would reproduce it on this website for readers to determine for themselves how much has changed in the intervening four years.
The essay was prompted by an article in the Daily Telegraph, concerning Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, who was at an Asian Business Awards function recently and spoke about the success of Asians in Britain. In doing so he referenced the now discredited concept of multiculturalism and was apparently in some confusion about it, giving the concept some praise which was manifestly undeserved.
Having done this, he was taken to task by David Green, from the right of centre think-tank Civitas, who said that Mr Gove had confused “multi-ethnicity” with “multiculturalism”. He said:

He said: “Michael Gove has confused a multicultural society with a multi-ethnic society. We have become a multi-ethnic society, but we been successful because our dominant culture of freedom and democracy allows space for different lifestyles.
“The vital point is that alternative lifestyles must be compatible with a free, democratic and tolerant society. Multiculturalism is the name for the condition in which antagonistic cultures co-exist in the same country.
“Mr Gove should have known from his experience of dealing with alleged sectarianism in Birmingham’s schools that not all cultures are compatible with a free society. Muslims who are opposed to extreme interpretations of Islam will not thank him for confusing the issue.
“There is good diversity and bad diversity […] Sectarianism is diversity that threatens freedom, democracy and toleration.”
The fact that Michael Gove – a man who has done more than most in recent years to reform the UK educational system and undo the worst excesses of previous Labour governments and the teaching unions – can confuse the evil of multiculturalism with its comparatively benign cousin, multi-ethnicity, is a testimonial to the political machinations of the Left who have almost, but not quite, succeeded over the past twenty or thirty years in making us all think that multiculturalism is somehow a good thing and that anyone who opposes it must by definition be racist and bigoted.
Indeed, as recently as 2012, social workers in Rotherham, UK, were still prepared to remove foster children from parents who were deemed to be supporting “racist” policies opposed to multiculturalism – and it is only in recent years that some European leaders have started to condemn multiculturalism as a failure.
The concept of multiculturalism of course, could never have even got off the ground if it were not for the all-pervading miasma of political correctness, which has stifled independent thought, reasoning, logic and critical analysis – not only in the UK but in most, if not all other Western democracies for the last forty or fifty years. Political correctness has often been spoken of in disparaging terms – but most people have accepted the concept as a necessary prerequisite for remaining within the boundaries of polite society when faced with the possibility of falling out with their friends, families and / or work colleagues. In some cases people have even been threatened with the loss of their livelihood, particularly in employment sectors dominated by the political left, such as health, education or local government, if they have been found to hold politically incorrect views.
It is not widely known, and in fact the political left have tried to keep it a closely guarded secret, but the twin evils of political correctness and multiculturalism derive from a Marxist concept – Cultural Marxism – developed by the Frankfurt School in the 1920′s. Cultural Marxism seeks to:

… destroy everything good about a society, what holds it together, what helps it to advance, what promotes intelligence and beauty. It seeks to degenerate society and take it to a lower form where people are less intelligent and more animal. It’s based on the Marxist lie that everything good about society is all a form of oppression. Every time anyone promotes Cultural Marxism, they use the same line claiming it is about freeing people from oppression. These common Cultural Marxist themes all are promoted by the same lie that they are done in the name of freedom: liberalismsexual perversiondegenerate artdegenerate musicmass immigration, anti-intelligence and promotion of people acting like animals, […] multiculturalism, oppressing people of European ancestry, and destroying nationalism.
Although originally developed by the Frankfurt School, the Cultural Marxism model was further developed in later years by another group of intellectuals at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies in Birmingham, England. The fields of Cultural Studies and Critical Theory are rooted in and influenced by Cultural Marxism.
Cultural Marxism has been formulated in such a way as to subvert Western nations and civilization using methods other than direct political action. using political correctness, multiculturalism and Critical Theory. It seeks to control society by manipulating language, media, and academia. In addition, demographic genocide is a major focus of Cultural Marxism.
When you realise this, of course, many things start to fall into place, and all of a sudden the essay “Preventing White Genocide” by Paul Weston – a British politician and leader of  the [former] political party Liberty GB – leaps sharply into focus.
Tim Burton

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