Sargon of Akkad describes what happens when socialism is faithfully implemented. Don’t let it happen here.

     Sargon of Akkad

This post isn’t anything to do with Islam specifically, but every now and again one comes across a video that perfectly sums up what we are up against, with the forces of evil on the Left trying to destroy everything we hold dear. My previous post on Pat Condell was one such video. This is another video, from Sargon of Akkad.

It demonstrates what happens when socialism is faithfully implemented, in this case in Venezuela, which was a thriving, oil-rich country until Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicholas Maduro turned it into a basket case with their malevolent vision of socialist utopia.

It is important because most young people in this country today have absolutely no idea of the catastrophe that would befall us if a socialist government led by Jeremy Corbyn were to take charge. History has taught us that it takes less than a generation to destroy a country if there is no effective opposition to the process.

As George Santanyana and others have said – “Those who cannot remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.”

You will note that I have replaced the YouTube domain of the Sargon of Akkad video with a new domain called Hook Tube, which is designed to mitigate the effects of social media censorship by transferring the video to an independent domain.

Try it yourselves with any controversial video that you think may be in danger of being removed from YouTube – given the increasingly totalitarian environment in which we now find ourselves.

And please watch this video – it is most certainly worth forty minutes of your time.

Tim Burton (with acknowledgements to Gareth Roberts)