The Land of the Naive Fools – Netherlands first, England next?

   What, me, guv’ner?

Back in 1992, a Pakistani immigrant to the Netherlands using the pen-name of Mohammed Rasoel wrote a book in which he held the Dutch in contempt for allowing mass Islamic immigration to their small country, and boasted that if the trend were to continue then Islam would eventually take over. The book was called “The Downfall of the Netherlands – The Land of the Naive Fools”.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

“The story of the Dutch is simply the story of a people who lived so long in a neatly arranged society, and developed its kindness so far that it not only forgot what a mess looks like, but never developed the intelligence to keep itself clean: the Dutch don’t see the mess around them and hence do not see a good reason to protect themselves against it.”

Even though more than 25 years has elapsed, we can see that the problems have not only increased in the Netherlands, with its no-go areas, Muslim riots and car-burnings, and an explosion of Islamic violence and anti-social behaviour such as sexual assault and rape directed against the indigenous Dutch people – but that exactly the same pattern has developed in every other European country that has been foolish enough to allow mass Islamic immigration.

The scale and severity of the problems are in direct proportion to the numbers of Muslim migrants in those countries – and so, France (8.8 per cent Muslim) is on the verge of a civil war, while Sweden (7.1 per cent Muslim), Germany (6.1 per cent Muslim), and even the United Kingdom (6.3 per cent Muslim) according to a recent Pew survey are facing rapidly escalating societal violence and a corresponding decrease in the quality of life for the indigenous populations.

We should not be surprised, of course – the book “Slavery, Terrorism and Islam“, written in 2009 by Dr Peter Hammond, explained exactly how the scale of problems caused by Islamic immigration increases as a percentage of the population. Our political elites have literally had decades of warnings and have chosen not only to ignore them, but to “shoot the messenger” – fining and jailing anyone who dares to protest in public or on social media.

The epithet “Land of Naive Fools” could equally be applied to any European country in 2018 – most people simply do not recognise the scale of the problem, or even that there is a problem at all. It is a scandal that the task of awakening the non-Muslim populations is left to a handful of concerned patriots and activists who are scorned at every turn as “racist”, “bigoted”, “far-right” and “Islamophobic” at every opportunity by not only the malevolent weasels on the Left but also those malevolent weasels in power who have been charged with the protection of the indigenous population.

Let us remind ourselves that these malevolent weasels are only in power for as long as “we the people” allow it, and if they continue to ignore their obligations and responsibilities as part of the “societal contract” whereby we pay taxes in exchange for law and order, and in exchange for safety and security while we go about our lawful business, then there will come a point where if we cannot resolve these problems at the ballot box, we will have to resort to other means, whether it be widespread and organised protests, an orchestrated program of civil disobedience or what the Left euphemistically calls Direct Action.

The book – “Downfall of the Netherlands – The Land of Naive Fools” can be downloaded in PDF form here or here.

Tim Burton